DiLello, longest cocktail party feat. Pretty Green

Pretty Green crowned Drapers Brand of the year!

Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

summer 2015 Pretty Green mix

Thursday, August 13, 2015

photo : it's Pretty Green paisley ^^

In 1 Production mix

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

new compilation. If the film is to be done, the clothes will be by Pretty Green

Pretty Green heads to Liam's childhood haunts

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

MANCHESTER - Rocker Liam Gallagher handpicks favourite hometown locations for Pretty Green fashion shoot - including Sifters record store, The Ritz and Castlefield.
Rock star Liam Gallagher has returned to his favourite childhood haunts in Burnage - as the backdrop for a new fashion campaign for his Pretty Green label.
Oasis and Beady Eye frontman Liam handpicked the locations for the arty shoot, which showcases his rock-n-roll-inspired range of menswear and his trademark parkas.
Models are seen having a kickabout at Cringle Fields, looking at records in the famous Sifters shop, and even posing on the street where Liam and his brother Noel grew up in Burnage.
Liam says the new Autumn/Winter 2014 campaign is about going “back to his roots” as his fashion brand celebrates five years of success in the design world.
And as well as those Burnage backdrops, Liam also selected The Ritz as a favourite city centre music venue, The Eagle Inn in Salford for a traditional boozer, and Castlefied as a nod to Manchester’s industrial heritage.
The singer worked with his design director Pat Salter on the look and feel of the new shoot, which is aiming to show how proud the label is of its British roots, and in particular of Liam’s love for his hometown.
The models are pictured having a kickabout on the streets where Liam grew up, as well as at the Cringle Fields on Errwood Road as well as browsing records at Sifters - the record shop that famously gets a mention in Oasis hit Shakermaker. These locations were used for the more casual items in the range, including the trademark Pretty Green logo t-shirt and bomber jackets.
For the images outside the Ritz, a favourite music venue for Liam where he has played with both Oasis and Beady Eye, the models wear the higher end fashions from Pretty Green’s Black Label, with tailored leather and suede jackets.
There is also more modern tailoring in the shots at The Eagle Inn in Salford, the boozer next door to Blueprint Studios in Salford where Elbow famously record.
Design boss Pat says: “Liam is always involved at every stage with the design process and he was very keen to suggest all the locations on this latest campaign. As well as it being a bit of a journey across Manchester, it’s about places that are special to Liam.”
Liam suggested Sifters record shop, and the design team and models got to meet the legendary Mr Sifter who still runs the traditional shop.
Pat says: “He’s a great guy and had lots of memories of Liam visiting the shop to buy his records. He was really accommodating during the shoot, and I’m sure he’ll be happy as one of the models ended up buying quite a few records after the shoot!”
Campaign images for the Autumn/Winter range will be used in magazines, posters and adverts.
Pretty Green has won huge acclaim since Liam started the label in 2009. The store also has branches in London and Glasgow, and a Japanese outlet launched in 2012.

Pretty Green bands mix - part 1 & 2

Thursday, May 15, 2014

new compilation, some musicians who played @ Pretty Green nights. 
we added a couple of interesting new bands who should play there, the Clocktower and the Relays (the frontman was the boy on Oasis' Masterplan).

will make another mix with other bands

Liam Gallagher mix

Sunday, April 27, 2014

new compilation, his favourite musicians, with final surprise :).
of course he likes more, for example the Smiths

Paolo Maldini mix

Monday, April 07, 2014

compilation (with Oasis too) by AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini and Christian Vieri, here with Liam Gallagher for Pretty Green in Milan. Maldini will be soon in Milan new staff, working at the new headquarters "casa Milan", the fans can visit them from next month (there's also a restaurant, the biggest piazza in Milan to see the World Cup on a big screen, etc.)

Pretty Green vinyls mix

Thursday, March 13, 2014

new compilation with Rolling Stones, Beady Eye, The Who, Paul McCartney, Paul Weller, etc.

Liam's castings for Beatles film +soundtrack

Thursday, February 13, 2014

LOS ANGELES - Liam Gallagher is set to hold castings in Los Angeles for a new Beatles film.
The Beady Eye frontman wants Jared Leto and Ethan Hawke to star in the movie and has convinced Michael Winterbottom to direct the film about The Beatles' company Apple Corps and the break-up of the group.
A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Liam is going to hold castings in the US in April. A lot of the lead roles are American, so he's keen to find the right names.
''He knows he's not going to manage to entice someone like Brad Pitt [maybe the old Oasis friend Johnny Depp] but he wants high-calibre people who are more on the indie scene of Hollywood. He thinks actors such as Jared and Ethan would be perfect.''
The former Oasis lead singer and frontman is the executive producer of The Longest Cocktail Party (book by DiLello) and is currently looking for someone to fund his movie.
The source said the star aims to follow in the footsteps of late Beatles guitarist George Harrison, whose company HandMade Films produced hit movies 'Monty Python's Life Of Brian' and 'The Long Good Friday'.
The Beatles - also made up of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the late John Lennon - made their first debut on US TV 50 years ago and stars gathered for a special tribute show last month at The Los Angeles Convention Centre.
The group formed in Liverpool in 1960 and split in 1970 after Paul said he was quitting the band.

The clothes will be by Pretty Green and the PG staff is preparing them.
The music will be by the Beatles too, maybe also covered by Beady Eye

 ...and this could be a soundtrack, Liam said it's not a movie about the Beatles (they don't appear), but about Apple (1968-1970). 
John Lennon's Mother dedicated to Noel hating him, his life and his lyrics. No meaning for Noel, but a lot for the people (wasn't Noel the one hating fiction? Lennon's mother REALLY died. Oh we forgot Noel hates everything).
In the book there are many Italian words and stuff, arrivederci, piazza, Mona Lisa, Michelangelo, Sophia Loren..."when asked about the similarity between her looks and those of Gina Lollobrigida, she replied "it is like the difference between a fine race horse and a donkey, but I'm not saying who is what".
Just like between Liam (a fine race horse) and Noel (a donkey)

fashion week mix

Thursday, January 16, 2014

MILAN - new compilation, with Beady Eye too - dedicated to Natalie

2013 best & worst

Thursday, December 05, 2013

MILAN - video, I think there won't be anything else to add.

album of the year: BE, by Beady Eye (the Japanese bonus edition, with Off at the next exit and Evil eye)

photo of the year: Cara Delevingne in Milan with ambulance (quite meaningful)

hairstyle of the year: Cara's Oasis fringe in Milan

paparazzi missions of the year: Monica Bellucci, Kate Moss, Kakà, Mario Balotelli

night of the year: McLaren @ Just Cavalli

goal of the year: Balotelli vs Brazil and even Brazilians getting mad for him (but the best one was his goal vs Cagliari, disallowed not because of Mario)

flop of the year: McLaren (the car, not the bikes, winning the difficult Giro d'Italia-Tour of Italy with Nibali & stages with Mark Cavendish. Pretty Green-Oasis mod fan Wiggins struggling :(

bastard acts of the year: Platini & Blatter (winning this every year), doing everything for France (irregular goals and changing rules). Also, totally irregular win of Brazil in the other Brazil-Italy, at the Confederations Cup. And the usual Barcelona helped by referees.

loss of the year: Maria de Villota, Stefano Borgonovo (and Beckham)

2014 is ready... (World Cup, gigs, Senna, Sony McLaren and maybe Led Zeppelin reforming)

new single and Patsy on Liam

Monday, October 14, 2013

MILAN - I convinced them! Iz rite is Beady Eye's new single from "Be" (song of the summer 2013), 25 November, with Soul Love. 
"stars align, clouds set to roll away!" +10°C in these weeks, summer is back. 

The photo above (I shot different ones) could have won the "Beady Eye everywhere" competition, shame I don't use an iPhone. It's a sculpture called Love (libertà, odio, vendetta, eternità) by Cattelan, it's in Milan in front of the stock market -exchange (banks), made of marble/granite... So the album is quite meaningful, "...in their marble homes, and granite banks, from which they rob the people of the world... protect their gold... and say that there's no inequality worth speaking of, and no more reason for fighting..." etc. (Flick of the finger). If you see, there are also two statues fighting.

In her autobiography, Patsy Kensit describes a time the pair attended a Versace fashion show in Milan and Liam jumped up on the catwalk. “I should have laughed it off,” she says. “But at the time I was annoyed with him because he left me sitting there like a lemon.”
“In many ways it was the perfect relationship I’d dreamed about when I was 16,” she says. “On our first dates we just stayed up all night talking and sharing secrets. We even dressed the same – in Gucci duffle coats and desert boots – a bit like teenagers.”

Wiggins on Liam +Giro d'Italia 2014

Friday, October 11, 2013

MILAN - The tour of Italy this year will start from Northern Ireland (Belfast), and will be dedicated to Marco Pantani, the famous cyclist who died because of drugs.
It will be the last Giro for Oasis-Pretty Green mod fan Sir Bradley Wiggins, he had so many difficulties @ Giro d'Italia 2013, you remember. He said it's the toughest tour in the world.

"...welcome to the world's most beautiful place". 

The Olympic cycling champion talks about his love of music, and how Liam Gallagher inspired him in his youth.

The first album I ever loved was The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead. The opening seconds of the opening track, I fell in love with it. I was probably about ten years old, and it was a good few years after it had been released, I think I got it from a car boot on vinyl. I don't think they've ever been able to exist individually, none of them have been as good as they were together. Morrissey's lyrics, Marr's guitar, Rourkey, that's why they were the best band in the world. I wasn't an obsessive Smiths fan at the time, I just liked the music, but in latter years as I've got older, much more so. I was more of an Oasis fan during my teens, since '94. They were always talking about their inspirations, Weller and The Smiths, so I was like 'yeah I remember, I like The Smiths, what was it about The Smiths?' I'm fascinated by Morrissey to this day, and I can't listen to him all the time, I struggle to get my head around some of the stuff he sings about, it's quite depressive and morbid, and I really have to be in the mood for him. But then I go through phases when I listen to him all the time, and try and dissect what he's saying. I find it does that to you, it's not easy listening. It's a bit like Joy Division, it's intense, there are a lot of sub meanings, and it's quite tricky in places.

I first heard Oasis on The Word, when they played Supersonic. I took the confidence from Oasis directly into cycling, the way Liam was on stage, the swagger, it inspired me. We'd drive all over the country to races, and I'd be listening to Oasis, I took that onto the bike with me, Rock & Roll Star... I would listen to The Prodigy too, or Kiss FM. Norman Jay had a set on there, I used to record it on cassette and just listen to that radio show, and tape over and tape over. I didn't have money back then to go and buy ten LPs in Our Price, so I'd tend to record it off the radio. I used to use music for motivation then, though less now. It certainly helped me get into cycling - everyone finds inspiration and confidence from things, and for me it was music. As a 14-year-old there were no role models at school, and I definitely had more musical heroes than sportsmen. You'd hear stories about the Gallaghers coming from Burnage and coming from nothing, almost, so you felt like they were one of you. I liked that about it.
I think culture has changed in this country now, for your working classes now, youth culture has changed, and it's become a bit of a problem. Kids always got into bother, whereas kids would find a guitar and form a band... there's probably untold talent somewhere out in these places that'll never be discovered. With the lack of sportsmen or whoever coming through from that background, there's no-one to inspire the next generation, like Oasis being inspired by The Smiths or Stone Roses. If you have success on the track, it breeds more success, and if that stops... it's the same pretty much with the bands.

Oasis were always singing about getting up from where you are and becoming better, they made you confident that you could go and do other things. My teachers didn't know I was cycling, I would just not turn up to school. They'd be saying "You need to come and get your GCSEs, you'll be leaving school in three years". I was "Nah, you're alright, I know what I'm going to do". That attitude I took with me was inspired by their music, and the way they were in interviews at the time. My whole generation grew up with that, and everyone started growing their hair long like Liam, wearing those big parkas with furry hoods, cagoules, or wearing those England Umbro training shirts like he did at Maine Road. Oasis started nodding to mod culture, but at first Liam just dressed like everybody who went to watch football matches on a Saturday. They both did. You realised you were one of them already, because I used to go and watch football every Saturday with my mates, and everyone on the terraces, you all dressed the same. Without thinking about it at the time, you were part of a gang. Which was the mod culture then, not cliché mod with scooters and parkas, but you were part of it without really realising it, because the mod thing evolved into terrace-wear. Oasis just flagged all that up really, and it became mainstream. They started hailing Paul Weller as the Modfather, and when I was 13... you're really influenced at that age, and I was part of all that. It was an exciting time.

When I was a kid I didn't have the internet, Twitter, iTunes, so I only found music through the NME and Our Price. The NME only ever reported on the stuff they liked, so I'd never hear about the underground bands like you would now. I remember in 1990 New Order did World In Motion for the England World Cup team, and I bought that and liked it, and read in NME an article saying 'since their Joy Division days...' and wondering what this Joy Division was. That's when I started getting into them. It's a long way from World In Motion to Dead Souls. I was fascinated by the stories of a lot of those bands, the Joy Divisions and The Smiths, I was fascinated by how they got together, that was a huge interest to me.
I started playing guitar when I was a kid. Like anything really, you're useless when you start, and I'm self-taught - I almost like them more as objects now, I hang them on the wall and they look brilliant. There are similarities in the aesthetics of guitars and bikes, especially the vintage guitars, the way they were in the 60s, and not necessarily the modern-day carbon bikes but some of the way the old welded bikes were put together, there was a lot of craftsmanship in those, and that's what I like. That classic design has stood the test of time, same with the clothes, Rapha and all of that.
If my house was burning down I'd take my guitars over anything sportswise. Playing guitar with Paul Weller was the best thing I did all last year, without doubt, better than the Olympics, just because it was something I never expected or imagined I'd do. I always get asked to play guitar with other people, but I think I'll leave that to the experts.

Pretty Green womenswear

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The story of the womenswear launch. Our men's wear line has gone from strength to strength since the brand was launched in 2009, so we decided to create a women's wear collection to be worn by the Pretty Green girl. The colour palette is a range of creams, palest pink, burgendy and metallic white, perfect for this Autumn/Winter. The collection compliments our mens wear range, with inspiration taken from the 1960's fashion and the 'underground' scene. A particular inspiration for the collection was the film Factory Girl and the deterioration of Edie Sedgwick, to create a cutting edge 60's look we scratched beneath the surface and delved into The Dirty 60's.

Beady Eye @ Milan fashion week

Monday, September 23, 2013

MILAN - Beady Eye video inspiring Moschino with sexy nuns @ Milano fashion week. Keep voting for Shine a light as best video, clicking here You can win tickets to the 2013 Q Awards show in London. 
also vote for David Bowie and Stone Roses too

the 60's songs in Italy (Beatles influence)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

MILAN - Another compilation, some great songs, I chose 30 from the best ones. Also, Beach Boys influenced (jealous Noel Gallagher hates them, too many hits for him). Noel would probably copy from these, he already did when travelling to South Italy, copying Pino Daniele, and being inspired by Ennio Morricone. 
The covers photos are by Fausto Papetti (playing saxophone since the Sixties), always with naked girls. 
Before some songs you can hear the rustle of vinyl. 

1. Ho scritto t'amo sulla sabbia (I wrote I love you on the sand) 
Franco IV e Franco I 
2. C'è una strana espressione nei tuoi occhi (There's a strange expression in your eyes) 
The Rokes (the Italian Beatles from London, Shel Shapiro, singing in Italian language with British accent)
3. Nel sole (In the sun)
Al Bano (great voice)
4. Una ragazza in due (A girl for two) - threesome aha
I Giganti
5. Se telefonando (If calling)
Mina (Mazzini), a legend in Italy, a holy figure
6. In silenzio (In silence), the artwork looked like something by Pretty Green
Pooh (one of the historic bands)
7. Piccola Katy (Little Katy)
8. Legata a un granello di sabbia (Bound to a grain of sand)
Nico Fidenco
9. Non c'è più niente da fare (There's nothing left to do)
Bobby Solo (the Italian Elvis Presley :), he was clearly his idol, for Liam too
10. Cinque minuti e poi (Five minutes and then)
Maurizio (Arcieri)
11. Sapore di sale (Taste of salt), nostalgic about summer
Gino Paoli
12. Mi ritorni in mente (You come back to my mind)
Lucio Battisti (the biggest music legend in Italy)
13. Il primo giorno di primavera (The first day of spring)
Dik Dik
14. L'ora dell'amore (The hour of love)
15. Nessuno mi può giudicare (Nobody can judge me)
Caterina Caselli
16. La partita di pallone (The football match), today's the 70th birthday of AC Milan legend Gianni Rivera
Rita Pavone
17. Pensiero d'amore (Thought of love)
Mal (dei Primitives), singing in Italian with British accent
18. Tema (Essay)
I Giganti
19. Il mondo (The world)
Jimmy Fontana
20. L'isola di Wight (The isle of Wight), about "fucking hippies", as Noel says
Dik Dik
21. Luglio (July)
Riccardo Del Turco
22. Con te sulla spiaggia (With you on the beach)
Nico Fidenco
23. Gli occhi verdi dell'amore (The green eyes of love)
Renato dei Profeti
24. Cuore matto (Mad heart)
Little Tony (another Elvis, he died recently)
25. Guarda come dondolo (Look how I swing)
Edoardo Vianello
26. Città vuota (Empty city), commercial of Dolce & Gabbana
Mina (Mazzini)
27. Ma che freddo fa (How cold is it)
28. Azzurro (blue), very famous song also abroad
Adriano Celentano
29. La coppia più bella del mondo (The most beautiful couple in the world)
Adriano Celentano
30. L'immensità (Immensity)
Don Backy (always thought he was cool, also wearing some clothes similar to Pretty Green :)

90's compilation

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


MILAN - ...and here are my 25 choices (not always the most famous songs) to represent the Nineties (that's when Noel's fans were born...), many memories... 

1. Something Changed (Pulp) 
2. She's In Fashion (Suede), in the 90s the best models 
3. Friday, I’m In Love (The Cure) 
4. Whir (The Smashing Pumpkins) 
5. One And One (Robert Miles, Roberto Concina), reminds me of going to discos 
6. Trash (Suede) 
7. Pick A Part That's New (Italian job) (Stereophonics) 
8. Ten Storey Love Song (The Stone Roses) 
9. You Get What You Give (New Radicals), reminds me of the first jobs 
10. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (The Queen, George Michael, Lisa Stansfield) (live duet)
11. Stay Young (Oasis), of course Noel hates it, reminds me of holidays
12. Born Slippy (Underworld), reminds me of dancing all night
13. Unbreak My Heart (remix) (Toni Braxton), reminds me of the girls in the discos
14. 'O Sole Mio (Luciano Pavarotti, Bryan Adams) (live duet)
15. (I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind (Primal Scream)
16. On Your Own (The Verve)
17. Don't Speak (No Doubt)
18. Charmless Man (Blur)
19. Electrolite (R.e.m.), reminds me of university times
20. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (Bon Jovi), reminds me of Spain
21. Who Is It (Michael Jackson)
22. If It Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow)
23. Hands (Jewel)
24. California Love (2Pac Shakur), reminds me of discos
25. You'll Follow Me Down (Skunk Anansie)

I forgot for example Aerosmith, here's Hole in my soul

summer 2013 compilation

Sunday, August 11, 2013

MILAN - dedicated to Gem and Andy (birthday today) using Mixcloud.
1. Iz rite (song of the summer 2013), Beady Eye 
2. Valentine’s day (19 August single), David Bowie 
3. Lonesome swan, Glasvegas (September: new album) 
4. Going places (Teenage Fanclub, Liam's favourite band), from Grand Prix (September: Formula 1 @ Monza) 
5. Lucyella, The Clocktower 
6. Ecstasy of gold, Ennio Morricone (Kasabian intro in Milan), 22 August in Verona 
7. Figli delle stelle, Alan Sorrenti (now back as remix, the old hit is better) 
8. Shine a light (September: Milan woman fashion week)

Modfather supercompilation

Saturday, August 10, 2013

MILAN - Milano mods Lambretta (on Oasis' Be Here Now), with also the Gallaghers performing The Jam's Carnation with Paul Weller, some covers (Beatles, Bacharach, etc.) and some by The Style Council. 
40 songs, more than 2 hours

Pretty Green spring-summer 2014

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

LONDON - Pretty Green gears up for a colourful season with its Spring/ Summer 2014 collection. With a backdrop of psychedelic colours and influences of the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour the collection heads off on a 60’s vibe.
With a heritage steeped in music, the brand is deeply rooted in the great rock and roll decades of rebellion and self-expression. While continuing with the classic pieces that demonstrate this strong identity, the SS14 collection also offers new pieces with equal measures of attitude. Think an explosion of colour, all-over prints, pops of graphics and lots of key shapes.
The collection uses many of the strong graphical images from Magical Mystery Tour, which are manipulated to create a new fresh set of prints. The prints are bold and give an individual feel to garments, mixed with a kaleidoscope of colour and used to update classic polo’s, and other key pieces. There’s an emblematic interpretation of strong motifs within the range, seen in the ‘we are altogether’ and ‘ we love’ print tee’s.
Colour is cleverly used to hint at the connection this includes the development of a new paisley, a piece of PG signature style, driven by the pantone colours of Magical Mystery tour. The star symbol is used as an inspiration across many of the punchy bold designs, either printed, embroidered or devore style. Other icons include the introduction of the Walrus badge used throughout the range, paying homage to the music that inspired the film.
The classic ‘Fool on the hill’ jacket, famously worn by McCartney, with its strong military style is lifted with the use of Italian nylon to give it a lightweight feel. The stadium jacket speaks for itself with detailing reminiscent of the on stage pieces as worn by Liam himself but with undertones of all things sixties. The Harrison denim jacket, a favourite every season, has a heavy duty washed out and worn look like its been on the road for a while. The highlight outerwear piece is the leather ‘Egg man’ jacket given a second skin feel yet with a hardware edge.
Pat Salter, Design Director, commented ‘There is such a rich tapestry of inspiration to draw on when you look back over our great British music history. The magical mystery tour is one of those events that sticks out as moment in time. We don’t want to replicate we’re just immersed in trying to recapture the feel of all that interesting British melting pot of colour and style.’
This collection delivers a mixture of true to brand outerwear pieces peppered with beautiful fabrics and materials, delicate suede shirts to delicately embellished kaftan’s from the Liam Gallagher collection. Featuring many of the heritage PG shapes in a Beatle influenced guise with true flashes of rock inspiration grasped from Liam’s inimitable style.
The brands rich lineage prevails across the breath of the collection delivering strong visual impact that honours our great British music heritage.

Milano compilation

Sunday, July 21, 2013

MILAN - Compilation of (old) songs about the city of the start of Pretty Green (11 March 2009), city of the first "Beady Eye" gig (Oasis without Noel, 30 May 2000), city of the (would have been) Oasis last gig in history (30 August 2009), city of the best football club in history, capital city of the fashion in the world, etc. 
  1. Milano (Alex Britti, good guitarist) 
  2. Dedicato a te (Giulia) - dedicated to you (Le Vibrazioni [from Milan] - video in Milan, Navigli 
  3. Un romantico a Milano - A romantic in Milan (Baustelle) - video in Milan 
  4. Tu mi ricordi Milano - You remind me of Milan (Ornella Vanoni [from Milan] 
  5. O mia bella Madunina - Oh my beautiful Lady - the statue of Our Lady symbol of the city (Milano anthem) (Giovanni D'Anzi [from Milan] - in Milanese funny dialect language 
  6. Una ragazza in due - A girl for two (I Giganti - the Giants [from Milan] - 60s, a bit inspired by the Beach Boys, those Noel hates... they have too many hits for him...
  7. Tu sei tutta la mia vita - You are all my life (inno AC Milan anthem, best team in history) 
  8. Milano (Lucio Dalla) (the magic city of moda and mystery)
  9. Il ragazzo della via Gluck - The boy from Gluck street (Adriano Celentano [from Milan]
  10. Cinque minuti e poi - Five minutes and then (Maurizio [from Milan] - about airports)
  11. Innamorati a Milano - In love in Milan (Ornella Vanoni [from Milan]
  12. Lassa pür ch'el mund el disa * - Let the world talk (Giovanni D'Anzi [from Milan] - in Milanese dialect
  13. Porta Romana (a square) (Giorgio Gaber [from Milan]
  14. Ci vuole orecchio - It takes "ear" (Enzo Jannacci [from Milan]

* Let the world talk, but Milan is a great Milan - 'cause many people are jealous of Milan. Popular song in Milanese dialect, also featuring "Gürgünzöla" ahaha Gorgonzola cheese (Liam's favourite)

Beady Eye @ Pretty Green & Hmv +videos added

Thursday, June 13, 2013

MANCHESTER - HMV, where we bought the first Oasis cds in 1994 :)

High-fiving under-tens, posing for selfies with fans and giggling with bandmates... Sounds like a day in the life of The Wanted but nope, we're talking Liam Gallagher here, who showed his softer side at a meet and greet event at Manchester's HMV. The British rock icon is on a promotional tour for new album BE, which kicked off earlier this week with an intimate performance at London's Rough Trade East. Back on home soil, Gallagher seemed delighted as he met fans and appeared to be having more fun than he has in years, as he is seen laughing and joking with bandmates during the fan event.

Homecoming rock star Liam Gallagher hailed Manchester as the 'centre of the universe' as he and band Beady Eye launched their new album BE in the city.
The group headed to Manchester for a packed album signing event at HMV on Market Street to huge cheers from the crowd.

And the band’s biggest fans were rewarded for their loyalty – after queuing to meet their idols, a select group of 100 were then invited to party into the night with Liam and the band.
Liam threw open the doors of his designer clothes store Pretty Green on King Street for the exclusive bash and The Diary was there too.
As he headed to the gig he posted on his twitter: “On my way to Manchester centre of the universe.”
And as he entered Pretty Green there were chants of ‘Liam, Liam’ from the adoring masses.
He and band mates then delighted fans with an acoustic gig of tracks off the new album, which has been gaining rave reviews in the music world.
Rumours have been mounting that the band may comeback though, reuniting the warring Burnage brothers.
Needless to say Liam’s new track, Don’t Brother Me, said to be about Noel, was one of the more emotional of the exclusive gig.
There was also a cover of Beatles track Cry Baby Cry, while new track I’m Just Saying, was dedicated to Manc music icon Clint Boon who DJed at the album launch bash.
Liam finished the gig with a heartfelt thanks to the fans, saying: “Thank you for coming, if you bought the album thanks a lot, man, we really appreciate it.”
Fans won’t have to wait too long for Beady Eye’s return – they play an eagerly-anticipated gig at the Ritz.

ahaha nice video. Free gigs and (hours of) autographs, Noel Gallagher would never do that

more to add soon

pretty song of the summer 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LONDON - Beady Eye, Iz rite

sir Bradley Wiggins @ Giro d'Italia

Friday, May 10, 2013

MILAN - Liam Gallagher's friend, Oasis-Pretty Green fan Bradley Marc Wiggins (born in Belgium, Liam: "vive le Belgium" :), he's a mod and gold medalist at various Olympic Games, trying to win the Tour of Italy (from 4 until 26 May), he never won it. I didn't know he can speak Italian well. The new Pope blessed the "maglia rosa", pink jersey.
Today a bit difficult stage (recently Bradley is often angry during the stages, but smiling out of competition).
On Saturday a time trial, as we say "bread for the teeth" of Bradley, he could probably become "pink jersey" (now it's Paolini, Italian from Milan, debuting @ Giro at 36 years old).
Mark Cavendish with McLaren bike already won 2 stages.
In 2014 the Tour of Italy will start in Northern Ireland (Belfast) for 3 stages.
Didn't follow this sport for many years, disappointed by doping (Armstrong, etc.)
When I was a boy (now I'm a girl ahaha), at Oasis' times in the 90's they mocked me at school 'cause I was a fan of cycling (a sport "for old people"), apart from a blonde girl who was always singing a Giro d'Italia song with me ;D ("e intanto gira e vaaaa...", la canzone più bella del Giro, una di quelle di Paolo Belli, quella dei primi anni '90)

listen with earphones. I love the crescendo of the sound

interview with Harri Peccinotti

Sunday, April 21, 2013

LONDON - The legendary photographer of Beady Eye's new album. Harri Peccinotti from the old-school Italian: groundbreaking graphic designer, musician, purveyor of the flesh, outlaw photographer, erotic connoisseur, rule-breaker extraordinaire. Every photographer who’s made a career out of taking sensual and erotic photographs of beautiful women owes a big debt to Harri Peccinotti. He was the first person to consistently capture the sexuality of everyday activities on camera: subversively pleasing sights like girls carefully sucking on Popsicles, close-ups of butts on bike seats, and California beach bunnies unknowingly shot with long lenses. The master lensman who, in 1968, after completing an assignment in Vietnam, photographed the now legendary Milano Pirelli pinup calendar, that paired love poems with photographic interpretations of the verses. He was, of course, invited back. This time Harri proceeded to up the erotic factor by featuring the aforementioned California girls in various states of undress—all girls he met while cruising the beaches.

Do you remember the first photo you took just for fun?

I took a lot of pictures in Holland because I was interested in the painter Mondrian. I used to go to Vlissingen when I was about 18 and go to where the trees that Mondrian used to [paint]. There’s the first tree he did. So I used to take photographs around Vlissingen, just people on the street and everything.

While you trained in graphics, you also played in a brass band in London. 

I used to play trombone and tuba and string bass. After two or three years in learning graphics, I changed and spent about two or three years professionally playing music. Then I was disillusioned with it all and I didn’t ever go back. Unfortunately, I haven’t practiced much since which is really stupid. Now I regret it, of course. But there are lots of little things I regret. I wish I had gotten into movies, I wish I had bought a house. I have a lot of what-ifs, but anyway, here I am.

You designed album covers for jazz artists on Esquire Records. Who were some of the biggies?

Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins and the Modern Jazz Quartet. They were all graphic things. They were not photographs at all. I got paid five pounds and you had to do all the overlays. I couldn’t go to America and photograph Miles Davis. And also, record covers at that time were drawings and things. They were not like they are now.

It must have been exciting to work in the 60s as the Sexual Revolution took flight. 

I suppose it was exciting, but maybe it’s an exciting time now. You don’t know until later, really. Even in the 60s you didn’t understand it was as exciting as it looks now. I think I [shot] the first nipple [to appear] in a calendar in 1968. That was the beginning of a sort of freedom, the idea that you didn’t have to get married, you could live with somebody. It was a real break from the 50s in England.

The “nip slip” to which you refer happened on your first Pirelli calendar shoot in Tunisia, right?

Yes, but it came naturally. I mean she didn’t have any clothes on. It’s just that I cropped somewhere where her nipple showed, that’s all. There’s a girl in a white t-shirt [in another photo], who was a friend, and through the t-shirt you see a black triangle, and they retouched it out. So it wasn’t that free even then, not for Pirelli anyway. Then, of course, a little bit later you could do complete nudes. Then it was, ‘If it hasn’t got nipples and crotches, then it’s not worth doing!’ There was no money when I did our Pirelli calendar. We didn’t have a hairdresser or a makeup artist, nothing. In America I didn’t even have models! I just used girls on the beach.

Why did you choose California as the location for the 1969 edition of the calendar?

I had been there two years before working on a film called Chappaqua and there were beautiful girls everywhere. I couldn’t believe it. When we finished the one in Tunisia I said, Oh, why don’t we go to California and just do it on the beach? So I talked them into it. Everything you ever read says the calendar was shot in Big Sur but it wasn’t. I did go to Big Sur to see William Burroughs before the shoot and I think that’s where the rumor got started. Anyway, it was shot around Los Angeles, Venice Beach mainly.

How did you find the girls?

When I was working on Chappaqua there were thousands of girls, but when we went there for the calendar there were none around because it was the school holidays. There were enough girls but quite difficult. And if you look, they’re the same ones. It’s just a little group we got to know. I bet a lot of them don’t even know they’re in the Pirelli calendar. I mean where would they ever see one? They’re just girls on the beach in ’68. You take their pictures and then you go away and they don’t even know if you were genuine or not.

Chappaqua featured a lot of members of the Beat Generation, like William Burroughs, whom you met during production. Were you part of the Beats?

Everyone was in it—Allen Ginsberg and Burroughs, Ravi Shankar, Grateful Dead. I spent six months in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills Hotel and had nothing to do because the film came from Paris and was stopped at customs in America. It took weeks and weeks before they freed it. I used to go out with everyone and every Thursday I used to have a party in my room because I had expenses to get rid of. I was friends with people from Buddha Records so they would come and then maybe just the girl from the reception. Sometimes there were musicians.

Did you jam with anybody famous?

I played with the Mamas and the Papas. There were lots of groups all just wandering around stoned saying, ‘You’re free. Come play.’ I did recordings with the Lovin’ Spoonful, too.
(band from where the lazy fuck Noel Gallagher copied the lyrics for The Death of You and Me - and music copied from Pino Daniele - heard him in his travels to South Italy)

You even bought photos of a woman giving birth.

They didn’t want to do it. I bought the pictures without authority and you couldn’t buy a copy. It sold out within 10 minutes! In those days it was really quite a shock to see something like that.

You were among the first to use black models in fashion photography. Why was it important to you to help break through that barrier?

If a girl is beautiful, whether she’s black or white or whatever color she may be, I don’t see any difference at all. I was completely anti racial nonsense. Several times I asked to use some model who I liked a lot, who was black, and they’d give me really bad reasons like ‘Advertisers wouldn’t advertise,’ so at Nova I used to overdo it and I got into trouble a bit. They would say, ‘Don’t you ever use white models? What are you
trying to do?’

A lot of the models were your friends, right?

Yeah, I always used friends. At that time, editorially, I would never use a male model just because I don’t like male models. I like female models.

How would you describe your style?

I don’t know that I have a style. I’m probably a bit more closeup, or I used to be. I was always thinking graphically, to fill the screen. I didn’t like loose space hovering around the edge at that time, and then I was called “Mr. Close-up.”

You encouraged women to let their hair grow in one of your photo spreads for Nova.

I took a photograph of a crotch and it’s a double -page spread. I told the editor it was an underarm, and it says ‘Keep your hair on,’ or something like that. I always said I like girls with hair under their arms. I’m from the old-school Italian.

And judging by the length of your beard, the same rules apply for men.

I just grow a beard because I don’t want to shave!

How do you make women feel so comfortable enough to pose nude?

Maybe I’m no threat. Who knows? Now I’m like their grandfather, whereas then there was some rapport between us. I don’t even realize I look 90 years old but obviously to them I could imagine I’m a sort of ogre taking their picture. A lot of the people I’ve taken pictures of I know very well. Now I don’t have a friend who’s a model. Or they’re just too old to take their clothes off!

Some years ago, you released a book, H.P., which offers a look at your work over the last several decades. What are some of your favorite images from your career?

I have a favorite fashion picture, which is not actually a fashion picture: a girl in Africa wandering along who was so elegant and beautiful. I remember taking [photographs of] birds flying. Things like that stick in my mind. I still like the pictures. They’re not great or anything but it’s something that gave me incredible pleasure at the time.

What always shines through in your photos is that you love women.

I don’t necessarily make them look beautiful, which is something else. I’m not very good at that. I can make them look as they are. I don’t have a skill for making them look really beautiful.

Is there anybody you want to shoot that you haven’t?

I think Kate Moss is great but I’ve never taken her picture. There’s something about her that looks natural all the time, which I quite like. I like models that don’t look too much like models. She does, but she doesn’t. And I’m sure it doesn’t matter how you take her picture, she’s going to look great. You don’t need to be a wizard.

What’s next for you?

I think it’s just going to roll on. I have thousands of transparencies I haven’t sorted through that I’ll try to.

Stone Roses film feat. Pretty Green & Liam

Saturday, April 20, 2013

MANCHESTER - Shane Meadows' highly anticipated documentary "The Stone Roses: Made of Stone", about the legendary Manchester band, will open on 5 June across the UK through Picturehouse Entertainment. 
The release will follow a premiere on Thursday 30 May in Manchester at a location to be announced, with the band set to make a rare public appearance alongside director Shane Meadows and producer Mark Herbert.
With unprecedented access to previously unseen archive footage, THE STONE ROSES: MADE OF STONE is a revealing journey through the life of one of the most revered and influential bands in British music history.
Acclaimed filmmaker Shane Meadows brings his unique directorial style, humour and emotional depth to the film, capturing the band at work and in their everyday lives as they rehearsed for their much-anticipated reunion, which culminated in three triumphant homecoming gigs at Manchester's Heaton Park in front of 220,000 adoring fans.
Incorporating never-before-seen material spanning the band's musical history, the personal experiences of many of those touched by the band and their music, and unparalleled access to the record-breaking sell-out concerts which took place in summer 2012, this is the definitive record of the definitive band of the past 25 years.
Also featuring Liam Gallagher and Mani wearing Pretty Green's Lord Paisley shirt.


Pretty Green in Reading

Friday, April 19, 2013

READING - An alternative to the current ‘college boy’ look and a bit of attitude is coming to The Oracle this weekend.
That is the promise from Pretty Green’s brand director Nigel Grant, who says the store is aiming to offer something a bit more edgy in men’s fashion.
The East Reading-born boss says he is genuinely thrilled to be opening a store in his home town where the company, founded by former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, first set up its headquarters and still has its distribution centre.
He said: “It feels good to be in Reading. There was always going to be two phases to our UK store roll-out and Reading was always going to be part of the second phase. I’ve grown up with The Oracle and it’s a great location.”
This will be the 13th Pretty Green UK store and three more are due to open in the next three months, in contrast to other retailers who are closing branches.
Mr Grant said: “I believe there’s two things important to me as brand director.
“Firstly, the high street is still the best place to show the customer what your brand is all about.
“You can get a feel and a vibe, it’s not just about the brand and clothing but what the attitude is about.
“Secondly, I think people want to touch and feel clothing. The high street is having a tough time and it may be in the next five or 10 years there is radical change to the way people actually interact with the brand on the high street and buy online but one thing is for sure, people will always want to feel the garment and try it before they actually buy it.”
The new store is almost opposite the hugely popular Hollister but Mr Grant says Pretty Green will offer something quite different.
The 47-year-old said: “We just try and create a cool vibe and a little bit of attitude and a lot of rock and roll.
“With dark wood panelling and a leopard print wall, it’s the kind of thing you see in a rock star’s house.”
Mr Grant continued: “There’s a lot of brands where I can’t tell them apart, they’ve morphed into one. It’s that college kid look.
“We are one of the few brands that caters for a wide age demographic. If you’ve got attitude and want to look cool and not like everyone else in the street we’re a good option.
“People over 40 or over 50 come in and carry it off. There’s something in our store which will resonate with everyone who has lived through the 90s but we do have an awful lot of teenagers now as well. That’s one thing that has excited us.”
Mr Grant says Liam, who has a home in Henley, prefers to keep a low profile at store openings but is likely to check out the Reading branch soon. He said: “He is very hands on. He has sign-off on pretty much everything we do. He is going to the Manchester City-Reading game so he might shimmy past.”
Mr Grant has been director of Pretty Green since it was formed in 2009 and has seen the business grow to 250 employees in the UK with 50 of them working in the warehouse in East Reading.
He said: “I’m proud to say we are a big employer in the local area and long may it continue.”
Pretty Green is set to open in The Oracle on Saturday with live performances from bands including Chinawhite from Warrington.

Beady Eye new song leaked, Flick of the finger + nude Cara

Saturday, April 06, 2013

LONDON - naked British model Cara Delevingne flick of the fingering, lol. Pretty druggy.
Rock'n'roll promo from the new single (Kill Switch) of the real Oasis. Introduction to the new album, US 70's Motown's vibe, brass section, cinema feel (like Bruce Lee-Tarantino-James Bond-Superman, as some on the first album, Four Letter Word, etc. or something about the space, Kubrick), class vocals by Liam Gallagher, Ringo Starr drums... it's a grower, but an instant classic at the same time. Containing both old and new sound. The wall of sound is back. Will sound great live, maybe with a keyboard for the horns. Listened like 500 times. Cool as fuck. As Liam said: imperial, majestic. 
Noel Gallagher's fans are... rosicando ahaha (gnawing). Puta que pariu que música foda! Chupa Noel seu coxinha! ahahaha
Two years ago, it was "Standing on the edge of the noise" the first song leaking, so one from the album.
The real crescendo is the words, from lyric (personal) become epic (for all the people). The structure of the song is different from the usual, and without a chorus.
more to add soon

first reviews:
"Demonstrating their work with producer Dave Sitek, the new track showcases a heavy, psych-influenced new direction from the band. And it absolutely works, adding thick layers of guitar and horns to the band's anthemic pop rock."

"coming out of KCRW, the National Public Radio station of Southern California’s Santa Monica College, we think it’s some of the best, most confident stuff we’ve heard from Gallagher the younger for quite some time & after the early Beady Eye releases (which were generally considered to be the somewhat lacklustre - by the haters, not magazines and websites, they had good reviews) it reasserts Liam as a serious force to be reckoned with."

Woke up this morning, I was late, off out on the dark side, 
With the moon and the room on the wrong side. 

I took a needle for myself right back at the seams, 
I saw my universal gleam. 

I see the wonder of life and look for the wall, 
Just taking a walk in the sun. 

In time, in just a second like the ghost of a bad idea, 
I feel myself getting the fear. 

Come on, have we decided if we like being part of the plan.
It sends us shifting and there's nowhere to land
It's on, it doesn't matter if all of these tickets are sold 
And all the old stories are told
I know, you're gonna tell me that you hear every word I say 
But the future gets written today, yeah the future gets written today

Don't be deceived when our revolution has been finally stamped out and pat you eternally on the shoulder and say that there's no inequality worth speaking of and no more reason to fighting because if you believe them they will be completely in charge in their marble homes and granite banks from which they rob the people of the world under the pretense of bringing them culture. Watch out, for as soon as it pleases them they'll send you out to protect their gold in wars whose weapons, rapidly developed by servile scientists, will become more and more deadly until they can with a flick of the finger tear a million of you to pieces.

one of the first good covers (from Italy)

exclusive: Beady Eye @ Pistoia Blues festival 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PISTOIA - Beady Eye first gig 2013 so far. Saturday 6 July in beautiful Tuscany (one of the favourite places for the English, also Sting, the mods leader :), it seems it will be the only one concert for Beady Eye in Italy this summer, also playing their new album out the early days of June.
Other artists: Ben Harper, Black Crowes, etc. more announced soon.
tickets from tomorrow clicking here 
more info soon

David Bowie night in Milan

Thursday, March 14, 2013

MILAN - A model living in Milano, with David Bowie's eyes (different colours). Bowie was also in Liam's inspirations, for Pretty Green too.
At Noel Gallagher's idol Berlusconi's Mondadori Multicenter (@ Duomo), last Monday we listened to Bowie's new album The Next Day, talked about it, Morgan (from Bluvertigo) played some covers (Fashion, etc.). Bluvertigo are from Monza, friends of my first girlfriend, introducing me in the Formula One (season starting this night, come on McLaren - and Ferrari. Everything but Red Bull, lol). Those of "I'm definitely afraid of the city, afraid of Milan, life in Milan is selective, very selective"... 

here (central image of Duomo, plus Venice) you can listen to a couple of new songs, Valentine's day and Where are we now

of course Noel Gallagher likes David Bowie, accused of Nazism, just like Noel's favourite books, about Nazism

London collections deejay set

Saturday, January 12, 2013

LONDON - To celebrate our debut at the London Collections: Men line-up for Autumn Winter 2013, Beady Eye guitarist Andy Bell put together a special setlist which he mixed at the after party into the night. As you may already be aware, Andy has already DJ'd for us at party's in New York and Japan and this setlist does not disappoint.

'The Journey So Far' Setlist

The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash
Ananda Shankar - Jumpin' Jack Flash
Flying Lotus - Galaxy In Janaki
The Dave Pike Set - Mathar (The Original indian Vibes)
No Fun - Iggy Pop
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced
Muddy Waters - Tom Cat
J Dilla Aka Jay Dee - Light My Fire
The Fall - Mr Pharmacist
Tame Impala - Elephant
Slim Harpo - I'm A King Bee
Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think
Flying Lotus - Melt!
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Castles Made Of Sand
Junior Kimbrough - I Gotta Try You Girl
J Dilla - Waves
Timothy J. Fairplay - Sleighride (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
Apiento - The Orange Place
Genius / Gza - I Gotcha Back/B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)

interview with Liam @ London collections

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

LONDON - We always knew that he wasn't just all mouth and no (paisley) trousers. From a handful of T-shirts in 2009 to a fully blown fashion label with stores in London, Glasgow and Tokyo, Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green label has come a long way in three (four) short years. To celebrate, he staged a star studded presentation at The Arts Club on London's Dover Street, including the new face of the label Jesse Wood. In between admiring the parka-heavy autumn/winter 2013 collection we asked the Beady Eye front man about dressing sports personalities, Sid James wardrobe and why his worst dressed man isn't Noel.

You presented to Bradley Wiggins at the GQ Awards. If he asked you for something from the Pretty Green collection, what would you dress him in?

Liam: Some really fucking extra, extra small stuff or something made out of lycra. He looks good in a suit so I'd give him a few of those, man. Whatever he wants he can have.

When you launched the store in Japan, was there anything the fans out there were particularly "mad for"?

Anything with a Union Jack on it. I'm not the sort of guy that goes round with a fucking clipboard asking, "What the fuck did you buy?" It was purposefully designed for those guys, we changed all the fits and sizes for them to create a 46 piece capsule collection of things you can't buy over here.

Paul Weller has previously told us he never gave you any advice on clothes. Have you ever given him any advice on how to dress?

Nah, the man's a legend. He looks cool whether he's in something I'd wear or not. You can tell the guy spends a bit of time getting ready and that's got to be admired. Same with me, you know what I mean? It might come out a bit more dishevelled on me, but a lot of work goes into looking this dishevelled!

What item are you most excited about in the autumn/winter 13 collection?

Black Label's where I'm at. I don't wear much colour or many logos so black's the key for me. I especially like the leather bomber jacket for next season.

Any chance Pretty Green will do black tie anytime soon?

Why not, man? We're not a one trick pony. There's this dinner jacket Sid James wears in Carry On Camping: a leopard print blazer with satin lapels. I'd like something like that. It's not all about baggy jeans in my wardrobe.

Who would you say is your worst dressed man?

Nigel Grant [brand director at Pretty Green]. What basically happens is he'll put something on and we'll say "Never fucking design anything like that".

Beady Eye-Pretty Green @ London Collections + Liam: the world's our oyster

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

LONDON - In Oasis's heyday a call going out to a brass band to join a studio session would have been a sign the drug threshold had been reached.
But Liam Gallagher insists his new band Beady Eye are willing to do things a bit differently on their second album in a quest for more rock’n’roll success.
Last week he had a pop at Mumford & Sons for looking like they might have nits — but the brass section isn’t a sign he’s joining a colliery band.
Speaking at the launch of his new fashion range for Pretty Green, he said: “We’ve gone for the full Pink Floyd trip, man.
“There’s the psychedelic stuff and then the rock’n’roll bangers.
“Our producer Dave called up our manager and told him to get a brass band round sharpish one day.
“If it makes it a better record, I’m having it man. I’m buzzing for it. It’s going to blow people’s minds.”
It was a brave move getting Dave Sitek on board. He’s in a band called Tv On The Radio and produced Foals and Yeah Yeah Yeahs records.
They are the kind of characters you might expect to be mingling with the Derek Zoolander fashion crowd with ironic facial hair.
But Liam and his team have done the business slipping into the fashion world over the last four or five years — and they are cashing in.
Pretty Green unveiled the new face of their brand, Jesse Wood, the guitarist son of Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood.
He’s a top bloke and a great shout for the brand.
He brought his heavily preggers missus Fearne Cotton along, but they did the back door shuffle when her feet couldn’t take any more.
Inbetweeners hero James Buckley was in his element, too.
The actor, who owns so much he must keep Liam’s label ticking over, joked that he was trying to steal some threads.
He tweeted: “Tried to walk out with those suit jackets.”
Speaking about being newly married to Scottish girlfriend Clair Meek, he said: “My father-in-law came over to me at the wedding and said, ‘Don’t you ever be doing a Scottish accent in any films now, you hear me?’ I got the message loud and clear.”
Kasabian’s Tom Meighan was out for the night too.
And being out for the night, he’s probably still going as you read this.

Numerous rockstars flocked to launch of Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green London Collections: Men's Autumn/Winter 2013 on January 7th at The Arts Club and he certainly seemed to be in celebratory mode. He was spotted in his usual indie get-up with a black jacket and jeans, decidedly avoiding the opportunity to don a smart suit on the red carpet. On the other hand, he wasn't the only one - his longtime bandmate Gem Archer, who joined him in his band Beady Eye after Oasis, wore an identical jacket and their friend Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan favoured very similar style shoes. Andy Bell, also from Beady Eye, attended though looked distinctly smarter.
Gallagher's wife Nicole Appleton from All Saints was also at the event showing her support for her fashion designer husband. Aside from the new collection, he has several ventures for Pretty Green he wants to concentrate on in 2013 including a range of eyewear and bags to add to the business in its fourth year of running. 'We're looking into accessories heavily, having dabbled in footwear', he said at the launch. 'The world's our oyster really, we'd like to think. There's the opportunity to grow into what we want.'
BBC Radio 1 presenter Fearne Cotton was another guest at the launch, heavily pregnant and supported by her boyfriend Jesse Wood, the son of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. Despite being on maternity leave, she took a break from resting to attend the event and looked 'pretty green' in a patterned turquoise and black minidress teamed with leopard print ankle boots that cleverly took the attention away from her bump. Though, as a fashion designer herself, you can hardly blame her for knowing all the tricks of the trade.
Liam Howlett from The Prodigy paid tribute to the label with a thin green scarf while his wife Natalie Appleton (also from All Saints and sister of Nicole) turned heads in a net top and tight leather pants. It certainly wasn't a night for conventional red carpet glamour but was dazzling nonetheless. The range of different styles donned by the evening's celebs went some way to prove a point Gallagher made about his clothing not fitting into one category, as inspiration seems to be everywhere. 'People might say it is but we didn't set out to create a Mod label', he insisted. 'It's music, from the Sixties and Seventies.'
'The Inbetweeners' star James Buckley was also in attendance looking chipper as usual. He hung up his role as the egocentric though secretly insecure character of Jay from the British comedy series in 2011 following a three series run and a closing movie. In November last year (2012) he married his long-term girlfriend Clair Meek at Dundas Castle in Scotland and the pair have a 14 month old son together named Harrison. Whether he's named after Blake Harrison, the actor who played Jay's best friend in the series, is unknown though we'd sort of like that to be the case.

Vogue: Pretty Green @ London Collections

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

LONDON - Liam Gallagher has joined the London Collections: Men line-up for autumn/winter 2013-14, showcasing the latest collection from his Pretty Green label. The move marks the first time the former Oasis frontman has shown interest in being part of the luxury fashion circuit.
Gallagher's most recent offering will be shown via a cinematic presentation on January 7, documenting the brand's history, held at The Arts Club in Mayfair. A number of mannequins will be dotted round the room for guests to view close-up. A catwalk show is planned for spring/summer 2014.
"We are delighted to be a part of the forthcoming LC: M event in January and this will be the first time we have participated," Pretty Green brand director Nigel Grant told us. "Our event will showcase our journey so far and preview the next autumn/winter 2013-14 collection. It's going to be a party with attitude reflecting the brands fusion of music and fashion."
Gallagher launched his Pretty Green fashion line in Milan in March 2009, which made an impressive £4 million turnover in the first year alone. He has since collaborated with Paul Weller and introduced a new accessories category.

Pretty Green anti-fur

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

LONDON - Still speeding. Liam Gallagher is anti-fur. The former Oasis frontman's fashion label Pretty Green is completely free of animal fur, and the company has now joined animal rights charity PETA's list of fur-free fashion labels.
In an e-mail sent to PETA, Pretty Green's chief executive officer confirmed that the company has a strict no-fur policy and that it will now label any faux-fur trim on its garments.
"We are delighted to add Liam to the list of truly talented visionaries and trendsetters who are able to design stylish, fashionable and popular clothing without the use of fur," says PETA's Senior Programme Manager Yvonne Taylor.
Gallagher's a long proponent of animal rights. After reportedly signing up as the face of charity Pup Aid back in 2010 he told The Sun he'd be a crusader for dachshunds: "Extinction of sausage dogs? I will prevent that! When I’m back in England I am gonna buy 900 of them. I am gonna prevent them from downfall."
Liam's name is now on the list with other top designers who are against real fur, including Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Vivienne Westwood.

Of course, on the contrary, Noel Gallagher supports a new sport: throwing stuff at cows in Ireland.
He already received protests from Peta.

Pretty Green behind the scenes

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

AYNHO - This is your chance to take a look behind the lens and see what went on when Pretty Green filmed the AW '12 campaign video.
Filmed on location at Aynhoe Park (near Banbury), a spectacular country house in The Cotswolds, the film captures the mood of this season collection.
It might look like everyone was just having fun (which we were!) but there was a lot of hard work involved too. Over 2 days the team worked their magic to transform this eccentric British country house into the backdrop for the ‘Exile on Main Street’ inspired collection. Liam was on hand too, checking each stage of the filming, as you can see in our exclusive film, in addition to making a cameo appearance.
Watch the exclusive behind the scenes footage now and see just how we created the essence of the Rolling Stones crazy life back in the 70’s.

After photographing the Spring/Summer campaign for Pretty Green it was great to get commissioned for the Autumn/Winter season too. The shoot was over 2 days at the amazing Aynhoe Park in Oxforshire, this venue was a photographers dream with so many areas to shoot, had the maddest interior and some crazy props everywhere e.g stuffed full size lions, giraffes, polar bears, snakes (I hate snakes) with so much more (kept finding things).
On the first day we shot the video for the campaign, I was there to shoot images of the models in between takes and capture behind the scenes of the whole shoot, whist they were filming. Day two we just has a small crew and used Tom, one of the models to shoot the look book around the grounds of the house.
The new season is based on the Rolling Stones infamous album 'Exile On Main Street'. The label draws on the theme and tunes into some of the key elements that embodied the ethos of those heady days back in 1971.
Really happy how everything came out. The actual printed lookbook is like an old double gatefold record LP cover, with one side being the campaign book and the other the lookbook and I have included some screen grabs from the PG site also, to show how its been marketed.
Also last week I went to Birmingham to shoot Pretty Green's new store. They had lots of displays and point of sales from the shoot too, which looked great. Dan Reid
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