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Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green spring-summer 2014

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

LONDON - Pretty Green gears up for a colourful season with its Spring/ Summer 2014 collection. With a backdrop of psychedelic colours and influences of the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour the collection heads off on a 60’s vibe.
With a heritage steeped in music, the brand is deeply rooted in the great rock and roll decades of rebellion and self-expression. While continuing with the classic pieces that demonstrate this strong identity, the SS14 collection also offers new pieces with equal measures of attitude. Think an explosion of colour, all-over prints, pops of graphics and lots of key shapes.
The collection uses many of the strong graphical images from Magical Mystery Tour, which are manipulated to create a new fresh set of prints. The prints are bold and give an individual feel to garments, mixed with a kaleidoscope of colour and used to update classic polo’s, and other key pieces. There’s an emblematic interpretation of strong motifs within the range, seen in the ‘we are altogether’ and ‘ we love’ print tee’s.
Colour is cleverly used to hint at the connection this includes the development of a new paisley, a piece of PG signature style, driven by the pantone colours of Magical Mystery tour. The star symbol is used as an inspiration across many of the punchy bold designs, either printed, embroidered or devore style. Other icons include the introduction of the Walrus badge used throughout the range, paying homage to the music that inspired the film.
The classic ‘Fool on the hill’ jacket, famously worn by McCartney, with its strong military style is lifted with the use of Italian nylon to give it a lightweight feel. The stadium jacket speaks for itself with detailing reminiscent of the on stage pieces as worn by Liam himself but with undertones of all things sixties. The Harrison denim jacket, a favourite every season, has a heavy duty washed out and worn look like its been on the road for a while. The highlight outerwear piece is the leather ‘Egg man’ jacket given a second skin feel yet with a hardware edge.
Pat Salter, Design Director, commented ‘There is such a rich tapestry of inspiration to draw on when you look back over our great British music history. The magical mystery tour is one of those events that sticks out as moment in time. We don’t want to replicate we’re just immersed in trying to recapture the feel of all that interesting British melting pot of colour and style.’
This collection delivers a mixture of true to brand outerwear pieces peppered with beautiful fabrics and materials, delicate suede shirts to delicately embellished kaftan’s from the Liam Gallagher collection. Featuring many of the heritage PG shapes in a Beatle influenced guise with true flashes of rock inspiration grasped from Liam’s inimitable style.
The brands rich lineage prevails across the breath of the collection delivering strong visual impact that honours our great British music heritage.

Milano compilation

Sunday, July 21, 2013

MILAN - Compilation of (old) songs about the city of the start of Pretty Green (11 March 2009), city of the first "Beady Eye" gig (Oasis without Noel, 30 May 2000), city of the (would have been) Oasis last gig in history (30 August 2009), city of the best football club in history, capital city of the fashion in the world, etc. 
  1. Milano (Alex Britti, good guitarist) 
  2. Dedicato a te (Giulia) - dedicated to you (Le Vibrazioni [from Milan] - video in Milan, Navigli 
  3. Un romantico a Milano - A romantic in Milan (Baustelle) - video in Milan 
  4. Tu mi ricordi Milano - You remind me of Milan (Ornella Vanoni [from Milan] 
  5. O mia bella Madunina - Oh my beautiful Lady - the statue of Our Lady symbol of the city (Milano anthem) (Giovanni D'Anzi [from Milan] - in Milanese funny dialect language 
  6. Una ragazza in due - A girl for two (I Giganti - the Giants [from Milan] - 60s, a bit inspired by the Beach Boys, those Noel hates... they have too many hits for him...
  7. Tu sei tutta la mia vita - You are all my life (inno AC Milan anthem, best team in history) 
  8. Milano (Lucio Dalla) (the magic city of moda and mystery)
  9. Il ragazzo della via Gluck - The boy from Gluck street (Adriano Celentano [from Milan]
  10. Cinque minuti e poi - Five minutes and then (Maurizio [from Milan] - about airports)
  11. Innamorati a Milano - In love in Milan (Ornella Vanoni [from Milan]
  12. Lassa pür ch'el mund el disa * - Let the world talk (Giovanni D'Anzi [from Milan] - in Milanese dialect
  13. Porta Romana (a square) (Giorgio Gaber [from Milan]
  14. Ci vuole orecchio - It takes "ear" (Enzo Jannacci [from Milan]

* Let the world talk, but Milan is a great Milan - 'cause many people are jealous of Milan. Popular song in Milanese dialect, also featuring "Gürgünzöla" ahaha Gorgonzola cheese (Liam's favourite)
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