DiLello, longest cocktail party feat. Pretty Green

Pretty Green crowned Drapers Brand of the year!

Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

Beady Eye new song leaked, Flick of the finger + nude Cara

Saturday, April 06, 2013

LONDON - naked British model Cara Delevingne flick of the fingering, lol. Pretty druggy.
Rock'n'roll promo from the new single (Kill Switch) of the real Oasis. Introduction to the new album, US 70's Motown's vibe, brass section, cinema feel (like Bruce Lee-Tarantino-James Bond-Superman, as some on the first album, Four Letter Word, etc. or something about the space, Kubrick), class vocals by Liam Gallagher, Ringo Starr drums... it's a grower, but an instant classic at the same time. Containing both old and new sound. The wall of sound is back. Will sound great live, maybe with a keyboard for the horns. Listened like 500 times. Cool as fuck. As Liam said: imperial, majestic. 
Noel Gallagher's fans are... rosicando ahaha (gnawing). Puta que pariu que música foda! Chupa Noel seu coxinha! ahahaha
Two years ago, it was "Standing on the edge of the noise" the first song leaking, so one from the album.
The real crescendo is the words, from lyric (personal) become epic (for all the people). The structure of the song is different from the usual, and without a chorus.
more to add soon

first reviews:
"Demonstrating their work with producer Dave Sitek, the new track showcases a heavy, psych-influenced new direction from the band. And it absolutely works, adding thick layers of guitar and horns to the band's anthemic pop rock."

"coming out of KCRW, the National Public Radio station of Southern California’s Santa Monica College, we think it’s some of the best, most confident stuff we’ve heard from Gallagher the younger for quite some time & after the early Beady Eye releases (which were generally considered to be the somewhat lacklustre - by the haters, not magazines and websites, they had good reviews) it reasserts Liam as a serious force to be reckoned with."

Woke up this morning, I was late, off out on the dark side, 
With the moon and the room on the wrong side. 

I took a needle for myself right back at the seams, 
I saw my universal gleam. 

I see the wonder of life and look for the wall, 
Just taking a walk in the sun. 

In time, in just a second like the ghost of a bad idea, 
I feel myself getting the fear. 

Come on, have we decided if we like being part of the plan.
It sends us shifting and there's nowhere to land
It's on, it doesn't matter if all of these tickets are sold 
And all the old stories are told
I know, you're gonna tell me that you hear every word I say 
But the future gets written today, yeah the future gets written today

Don't be deceived when our revolution has been finally stamped out and pat you eternally on the shoulder and say that there's no inequality worth speaking of and no more reason to fighting because if you believe them they will be completely in charge in their marble homes and granite banks from which they rob the people of the world under the pretense of bringing them culture. Watch out, for as soon as it pleases them they'll send you out to protect their gold in wars whose weapons, rapidly developed by servile scientists, will become more and more deadly until they can with a flick of the finger tear a million of you to pieces.

one of the first good covers (from Italy)
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