DiLello, longest cocktail party feat. Pretty Green

Pretty Green crowned Drapers Brand of the year!

Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green anti-fur

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

LONDON - Still speeding. Liam Gallagher is anti-fur. The former Oasis frontman's fashion label Pretty Green is completely free of animal fur, and the company has now joined animal rights charity PETA's list of fur-free fashion labels.
In an e-mail sent to PETA, Pretty Green's chief executive officer confirmed that the company has a strict no-fur policy and that it will now label any faux-fur trim on its garments.
"We are delighted to add Liam to the list of truly talented visionaries and trendsetters who are able to design stylish, fashionable and popular clothing without the use of fur," says PETA's Senior Programme Manager Yvonne Taylor.
Gallagher's a long proponent of animal rights. After reportedly signing up as the face of charity Pup Aid back in 2010 he told The Sun he'd be a crusader for dachshunds: "Extinction of sausage dogs? I will prevent that! When I’m back in England I am gonna buy 900 of them. I am gonna prevent them from downfall."
Liam's name is now on the list with other top designers who are against real fur, including Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Vivienne Westwood.

Of course, on the contrary, Noel Gallagher supports a new sport: throwing stuff at cows in Ireland.
He already received protests from Peta.

Pretty Green behind the scenes

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

AYNHO - This is your chance to take a look behind the lens and see what went on when Pretty Green filmed the AW '12 campaign video.
Filmed on location at Aynhoe Park (near Banbury), a spectacular country house in The Cotswolds, the film captures the mood of this season collection.
It might look like everyone was just having fun (which we were!) but there was a lot of hard work involved too. Over 2 days the team worked their magic to transform this eccentric British country house into the backdrop for the ‘Exile on Main Street’ inspired collection. Liam was on hand too, checking each stage of the filming, as you can see in our exclusive film, in addition to making a cameo appearance.
Watch the exclusive behind the scenes footage now and see just how we created the essence of the Rolling Stones crazy life back in the 70’s.

After photographing the Spring/Summer campaign for Pretty Green it was great to get commissioned for the Autumn/Winter season too. The shoot was over 2 days at the amazing Aynhoe Park in Oxforshire, this venue was a photographers dream with so many areas to shoot, had the maddest interior and some crazy props everywhere e.g stuffed full size lions, giraffes, polar bears, snakes (I hate snakes) with so much more (kept finding things).
On the first day we shot the video for the campaign, I was there to shoot images of the models in between takes and capture behind the scenes of the whole shoot, whist they were filming. Day two we just has a small crew and used Tom, one of the models to shoot the look book around the grounds of the house.
The new season is based on the Rolling Stones infamous album 'Exile On Main Street'. The label draws on the theme and tunes into some of the key elements that embodied the ethos of those heady days back in 1971.
Really happy how everything came out. The actual printed lookbook is like an old double gatefold record LP cover, with one side being the campaign book and the other the lookbook and I have included some screen grabs from the PG site also, to show how its been marketed.
Also last week I went to Birmingham to shoot Pretty Green's new store. They had lots of displays and point of sales from the shoot too, which looked great. Dan Reid

Pretty Green @ London's January collections

Thursday, November 01, 2012

LONDON - As head of design at Pretty Green, Pat Salter is Liam Gallagher's right hand man, charged with turning the Beady Eye frontman's vision into a wearable reality. The former head of denim development at Ted Baker, Salter was appointed after a chance meeting with Liam in London last year. During his tenure, he has kicked the three-year-old brand up a gear, introducing the smarter Black Label line as well as expanding the denim offering from three pairs of jeans to a whole range of hard-wearing workwear. We talked to the designer to pick his brain about what is like to work with one of the most outspoken individuals in British music.

How does the creative process work between you and Liam?
Pat : Liam's a very hands-on boss. At the beginning of the season we have a design meeting and discuss where his head's at with the collections - what sort of mood he's feeling and what he's into at that particular time. Then I go away and create a mood board around those ideas. Unfortunately I can't buy the amount of clothes that he does but he has a huge archive of clothing that he selects from his wardrobe to build the collection around. He doesn't sit there drawing, but he's got a lot of ideas - being in a band, he's a creative guy.

Who is your best-dressed British man?
It's got to be Brian Jones. Obviously if you dressed like that now you wouldn't get very far walking down your local high street, but every picture of him is cool. I also like late Sixties/early Seventies Michael Caine. You've got to throw Keith Richards in there too. Don't get me wrong, that's not how I dress - I don't walk around with big floppy rabbit fur hats with feathers in them, but you can't deny how great those guys looked: clashing shoes, clashing patterns, clashing fabrics, velvet, corduroy. It was chaos, but it worked.

What are the five items a man should have in his wardrobe?
Firstly, a decent pair of well-fitting selvedge jeans from Japan. Not a reproduction pair - a real hardcore pair of wear-in-yourself Japanese jeans. Then a white v-neck T-shirt and a cool bit of outerwear (I would go for a Stone Island CP parka). On the shoe front you need a pair of classic sneaker pumps. Finally you need a slim-fitting black suit tucked away in your wardrobe that can be worn at smarter events.

Who is your Bond of choice?
Straight away my brain went to Sean Connery, but I'm going for Roger Moore. Those tailored suits with nipped-in waists and pastel colours: you couldn't wear his stuff unless you were a make-believe secret agent.

Will Pretty Green ever do black tie?
Liam goes to a lot of smarter events these days, so, I can't definitely say yes, but it's a distinct possibility.

What is the most stylish film and why?
Get Carter is the obvious answer, but I'm going to say Star Wars. Just look at the Stormtroopers: those costumes are as cool today as they were when they came out in the Seventies.

Can you recommend a good book?
Ideas from Massimo Osti. He was the brains behind a lot of great brands - including my favourite, Stone Island CP - and this is a photographic biography of his genius. Sad times, good book.

What do you have planned next?
We want to do more on the accessories side of things - we have a completely new shoe range launching next season which is exciting. The next big thing is our showing at London Collections: Men in January…

After Liam presented his GQ Men Of The Year award, will we be seeing Bradley Wiggins in the next campaign?
They struck up quite a rapport at the GQ Awards, didn't they? Wiggins is a dude and he's into the same scene as us, but as to whether he'll do stuff with us? Watch this space.
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