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Pretty Green beginning

Robbie Williams: Pretty Green is my fashion inspiration

Friday, August 31, 2012

LONDON - Robbie Williams once disliked Liam Gallagher so much he offered to fight him on live TV.
But now the Take That star is so in awe of his former rival that Liam has become his fashion inspiration.
Speaking at the launch of his Farrell label at London’s Selfridges, Robbie heaped praise on Liam’s label Pretty Green.
He said: “I’ve been on the Pretty Green website and looked at their clothes and it should do really well because it’s really well put together.
“I think the difference between mine and Liam’s clothes is probably 40 to 50 years.
“This is genuine WW1 Winston Churchill stuff and I think Liam’s is more mod 1960s and maybe Nineties. There is a definite difference, you can just tell by looking at the style.
“If we can achieve what Pretty Green has achieved in what seems like a short space of time then that would be brilliant.”
Robbie famously offered to fight Liam at the 2000 Brit Awards following a war of words with the Gallagher brothers.
Noel Gallagher branded Robbie “the fat dancer from Take That”.
[and Noel hates fat people, insulting even his own fans...]
But there has been lots of water under the bridge since then and Robbie is happy being talked about in the same breath as Liam in fashion circles.
The singer, who wants Olympic hero Mo Farah to model his clobber, admitted he started his own label because he feared people thought he was “weird” for liking UFOs. And his fascination made him “fat”.
He said: “Ever since I was 16 all I have been doing is make album, promote album, tour album... and I did that for 20 years.
“Then I got a bit burnt out and I was looking for something else. I thought that something else was making documentaries about UFOs. But that wasn’t going to work out for me. it just made me weird and — at the time — fat. Weird and fat, looking for UFOs.
“So I thought I would reverse out of this situation, which was a PR nightmare, and my management put the idea to me.
“I live in America, where pop stars and actors all seem to do a multitude of things.
“I pretty much thought I could do a clothing line.
“I didn’t know how we would, but we’ve done it.”
Another LA-based singer turned fashion designer has also made an impact on Robbie — Victoria Beckham. He just wishes he could command the same prices.
“If we could charge £36,000 like Victoria Beckham then we would — but we can’t.”

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