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Pretty Green beginning

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MANCHESTER - ah! Noel Gallagher didn't qualify... what a loser. He can only win things where people CAN'T vote, (as in a dictatorship), as the "Godlike Genius"... (the only thing he "won" as "solo artist"). Eliminated in the group stage as the whining, weak teams. This is democracy, vote for Liam as ultimate icon, here: www.nme.com/ultimateicon

Manchester City, the English Premier League winners after 44 years in 1968 (Beatles-Flintstones times :). Wearing the jersey baptized by Liam Gallagher before the season, with the song "Blue Moon". 
New version video, with the triumph added. Before the parade with the bus along the streets of Manchester, they were singing "Volare" (nel blu dipinto di blu) [Flying - in the blue painted of blue] by Modugno, dedicated to Mancini. As last year for the FA Cup, also this time there was no Mario Balotelli, he always disappears, lol. He came back to Italy again, as always... (too many travels...)

As you know, the Pretty Green sunglasses are now available, click here (in case of sunshiiiine :)

The rainy depressed jinx Noel Gallagher, accusing Pretty Green for the Oasis split, was clearly not there (3 games lost with him at the stadium this year, plus 2 other games lost when City spoke about him for a week, -8 points and all seemed lost, plus England lost the World Cup 2018 with his support).
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