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Pretty Green beginning

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Monday, March 12, 2012

LONDON - Notes from a traveller.
When I was younger, we were always dragged to Ireland kicking and screaming for our holidays as me is from County Mayo. It was good hanging out with my cousins on tractors in the countryside. There wasn't much else to do.
At heart I'm a big kid and visit Disneyland every year. I'm not into roller coasters - they freak me out. My favourite ride is Soarin', which has a huge screen and movies are projected round you as if you're hang-gliding over the San Francisco bridge.
Buenos Aires
El Monumental, the football stadium of the River Plate in Argentina, has to be one of the most atmospheric places I've ever played a gig. It was just mental. There were 60,000 kids screaming, dancing and singing along.
near Milano
Villa d'Este in Lake Como, Italy is one of my favourite places to visit with the misses - we just mess about on boats. The food is mega: pizza and spaghetti bolognese, which is out of this world. The Black Cat (ll Gatto Nero) has great views overlooking the lake.
[usually he talked about his favourite Gorgonzola cheese from near Milan, now he didn't]
Henley-on-Thames has a good little vibe to it - it's picturesque and there are lots of young people there. Oasis used to record round the corner so we'd go out for a beer after recording, head through Marlow and think, 'This is nice'. I've got a place for Henley by the river and every time I visit it's like going on holiday.
If I had to choose between sun and snow it would be snow. I like the cold seasons and could never spend Christmas in a hot country. Extreme weather sports are not for me. Once someone convinced me to go on skis in Switzerland. Going downhill was a nightmare and I may have fallen over a few times [lol, me the same]. Afterwards, I couldn't walk for a month.
Carnaby Street in the 1960's is the inspiration for my clothing range Pretty Green. All the bands who've records I bought over the years - the Beatles, the Stones and the Kinks - would pick up their clothes in that part of London and mooch about there. I've tried to capture that personality and rock 'n' roll vibe while at the same time offering something that feels modern and cool.

Liam Gallagher
British Airways Magazine

then your friends will all go (pretty) green for my lasagna

7 places I would pick Barcelona, Milan, Minorca, MonteCarlo, Madrid, Sun Valley in Trentino Italy and Fucking in Austria lol

usually Liam says nice thing about Japan too, and New York, and Canada, also because his wife is from there
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