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Pretty Green beginning

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MILAN - Ex Chelsea's - into Pretty Green Joe Cole was her ex boyfriend (before losing himself in provincial france), the one who should've joined "Milan fashion giants"... This is Oasis biggest fan... in every sense :). Keeley Hazell. I'm always honest: it's not me the biggest one :). She's obsessed with Oasis and Britpop. I remember there were even Facebook groups to establish who was the biggest one, they didn't even know. She was also a "pitbabe" as my sister, for Jenson Button (when was @ BAR Honda, British American Racing).
Pretty Green clothes for girls soon... meanwhile, the Pretty Green girl is still naked ;)
She's a very intelligent girl ;) (this one: no wishlist on Amazon, lol). In the video, the photo wearing an Union Jack dress as Liam Gallagher, is for Bacardi + pics with Manchester City shirt. 1:20: Noel Gallagher old shoes... still "to be honest" (as Noel says...), I still wear those ones sometimes. I prefer her sister, the one with smaller boobs :):). Sounds a bit like a country song, you might be tired of it (In the bubble with a bullet, best one by Beady Eye), but we're not. Nice memories.

GLASGOW - Rangers will play a game vs AC Milan legends for a charity. That's the team supported by the "ex Oasis guitarist's" wife Sara (and by Oasis "president" Alan), and as she hates Noel's music, of course he also supports their historic rivals, Celtic. Of course, Noel also hates charities, and he said he didn't care about the Teenage Cancer Trust when he played.
Last year he didn't play for that, nor didn't do anything for Japan. While Pretty Green was doing a lot, and hospitals, Birmingham (sister city of Milan), etc.
Match also "featuring" :) the former AC Milan-into Pretty Green English footballer Mark Hateley. And Paolo Maldini, Liam meets him. Noel meets Del Piero. Milan-Juventus on Saturday.
The other day Noel said men who talk about fashion are gays... and that it's the reason for the downfall of society (oh not the videgames again?). Not very popular (euphemism) things to say in fashion cities... rather little town old mentality.
Meanwhile, Noel Gulliver's idol Mourinho shit impression in Moscow: "everybody's gay here"...
Plus, notice the sites around, telling about the TCT history: Noel Gallagher played blah blah. Yes but Noel Gallagher MOANED about it, as usual. Liam's Beady Eye played.

the fantastic fly, how can I forget this goal, so very 80's ;)
r.i.p. our friend Alessandro, AC Milan big fan - these things remind us so much about him

Depeche Mode

we're flying high (birds)... the song on the video above was obviously this one, 1987. There was one missing from the 80's compilations on Oasisblues :) ...as long as I remember who's wearing the "same old ruined 2001 trousers" (lol, Noel).
My first girl in the '90s was a big fan, the older Patsy Kensit "looking like a star in a Jaguar", but also the reason for the "split", lol. That is, her gay friends, also: reason for the downfall of society (Noel Gulliver) LOL.
That's how I entered the Formula One world, her "lover" was the Australian cook of the Jordan team... fail!
That's why Noel "used to" hate Australians, lol.
I wonder how an Australian can cook, that must be terrible. To quote a recent post: no salt at all, ahaha.
Now seriously, (Irish) Jordan really failed. It must've been the cook's fault. But Eddie Jordan is always around for music things and bitches :)

Bluvertigo (band from near Milan: Monza, as the F1), "Fuori dal tempo" (=outta time)

more "gay friends" of that girl, the ones of "life in Milan is selective, VERY selective". This is about: in Italy the military service used to be compulsory, and we had a series of tests, with also an absurd questionnaire made of thousands of questions, also asking: do you like flowers? ...far from that, there was also: would you like to be a florist? ... if there was a contradiction, = you're mad / gay, that is: you can't be a soldier (lol)
It also says: I like mad people :), "penso che praticamente sia bella la gente insana di mente".
Of course I was a soldier, despite being mad, lol. But because I wanted. Because it was a nice experience, and being a volunteer they also paid money. Of course almost everybody didn't want, and they pretended they were sick/mad/gay LOL. If you answered with contradictions, you had to visit the psychologist, everybody wanted because "he" was a sexy woman, lol.
Now you see why life in Milan is very selective ahaha
Liam wants to be a soldier :), it's also full of photos of Liam wearing military stuff, even by Pretty Green.
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