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Pretty Green beginning

Britalian Dolce vita

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

MILAN - Today I want to post here about different things, in a "stream of consciousness" :), cinema, music, fashion, football, etc., 'cause Liam is about everything.
You know on Oasisblues I write about everything, here only things linked to Pretty Green.
We can consider Pretty Green as a very "Britalian" thing, having started in Italy and having many Italian elements.
Just today I had officialy founded a new language: Britalian :)
a mix between English and Italian tongues, where mistakes are allowed and we blame it on alcohol (lol).
You know, true perfection has to be imperfect! I know that that sounds foolish but it's true! God said so!
Italians have resided in Britain since the times of Roman Emperor Claudius' invasion in AD 43. In Italy, a city as Milan (same flag of England, Saint George's, and best football club in history founded by a group of English and Italians) has 7,000 British inhabitants. There are many Britalians who have made a huge contribution to society. Famous Britalians: Paolo Nutini, Frankie Dettori, Marco Pierre White, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Benjamin Disraeli, Damon Minchella, Paolo Hewitt, Oasis friends Kasabian's Sergio Pizzorno, etc.

(AC Milan sponsor). Let's have another look at fashion ("Milan fashion giants" as they call us, lol...you remember the model obsessed for Oasis Keeley Hazell's ex boyfriend, ex Chelsea's Joe Cole for Pretty Green... he had to join AC Milan, already bought a house by Como lake where Liam always goes, then Cole lost himself in france... also Chelsea have Dolce&Gabbana as sponsor) and cinema, as we are "Hollywood Milano" (where Liam was), and he's producing a film with his "In 1 Productions".

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s muse Scarlett Johansson steps out from behind her created persona, and in the process, reveals a further facet of her talent as a globally renowned actress and lends a compelling presence to the role.
The mood of the golden era in Italian film-making – an enduring source of inspiration for Dolce&Gabbana – is perfectly captured. Reminiscent of Cinecittà’s greatest output from director Federico Fellini, in films such as La Dolce Vita, Scarlett is cast as an actress being interviewed between takes.
Scripted by writer Glenn O’Brien in collaboration with Scarlett, the dialogue ricochets back and forth between an unseen journalist and the star.
Comments Scarlett: "For this renewal, we played with the idea of the woman behind the public image. There’s a refreshing familiarity and sincerity. The way to wear The One is as a signature scent – it creates a strong first impression as well as delicately lingering after you’ve gone."

...my lips, for kissing and for words that start with the letter M ;) 
yeah I love you too red Scarlett.

‘I do all my own stunts… even the lovemaking’, she declares, then towards the end of the interview, admits that she is ‘not looking for a million things, just that one perfect thing: love…’

"I had an Italian Boyfriend once...His mother broke up with me."

one says: "because it's said Italian men are mommy's boys. So if their mum don't like a girl then she's no good. lol"...

I say: oh really, "it's said" eh? by who? by JEALOUS or RACIST people. She says so because the Italian "mamma mia" has a great POWER in the family. Keep your comments without knowing anything for your country men. I bet some good looking "Italian mommy man" refused you because you're UGLY. "lol"
(sounds like the haters, jealous of Liam)

She's American but her surname clearly sounds Swedish... as in Sweet Life, Anita Ekberg was Swedish but played the role of an American actress:

featuring the legendary Marcello Mastroianni (quite nervous character in this film), we still think about this movie everytime a foreign girl comes visiting Italy on holidays, so you have to treat her as a Princess. In the film there were also the "paparazzi" photographers, for the first time using that word (from the name of a character, Paparazzo - Liam used to hate them :).
I was talking to a Polish girl who was saying a series of bad things, stereotypes about here, and at the end she admitted that she has not even been to Italy in all her life. As I was saying a 1000 times (some countries can't understand it, especially from Northern Europe, as they're clearly not Latins), Italy is very different from zone to zone... it's even more than only one country, there's a strong regionalism, similar to England. People, dialects, etc. can change even from town to town.

this is the reason why some stupid one says Beady Eye are gay...because linked to fashion (Pretty Green).
This is a music band from Milano (Elio e le Storie Tese), who made a series of videos mocking the people living in different parts of Italy. This is about Milan, lol.
As I was saying in the post about the "Dolce vita", sometimes foreign girls are worried to go to Italy, 'cause they think everybody is a "latin lover", so it's "dangerous" for them, but as you can see, in Milan there's no risk, LOL
one says "what a divine colour"... but in Italian "di vino" also means "of wine", so the other says: "which wine? you cretin" (cretin in a feminine form, cretina LOL)
As you can see, in the video there's the same background behind, that Beady Eye had in some photos :)
(they were up the Terrazza Martini)

Then, football... the band England split up. It's a sad news...

It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit England tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with the FA a day longer.
Apologies to all the people who thought we could win Euro 2012.

Fabio Capello

(mocking Noel Gallagher statement when Oasis split)

Capello last games: England-Sweden 1-0 for the first time in 43 years and England-world champion Spain 1-0. They were on the right road...
The only team where he didn't win trophies was England...(well, there was only one trophy available to win... and that referee of Germany-England is not innocent...ghost goal and absurd offside for Rooney in front of the goalkeeper, and it was the same linesman...)
...and the shite was Capello eh? 
well done Fabio, the FA won't win anything for centuries.
Now they'll have a new manager just 4 months before the championship, and it's not a very nice thing... You'll have to be very lucky...

Let's have a look at the music from the 90's and 80's...

Pulp, Disco 2000
oh here's a story of women, just like Noel Gallagher. This video reminds me of one from our university for models (=idiots) who wanted to have sex with me at home while there were my parents in the room next to us, lol just like in Trainspotting (what a risk). Similar scene from the film here with the girl in the taxi.
But I didn't sleep in the corridor like Mark Renton :) (there's four and twenty million doors on life's endless corridor :). She insisted but I didn't want... and I remember she was so stupid that said: when I'm making love, I shout - but at the same time she wanted. Some girl told me: "yea i tell u boy: women wanna shout haha"... and that girl always said: there are the afternoons to make sex... And me thinking: wtf? is that her job? LOL it was something I wasn't used to do, lol (well, still now). You know, I'm a virgin.

what a nice day. God Noel&Christ Martin together (from the film: dumb and dumber), Milan lost, England lost Capello... trash.
Suede, always loved this band, of course Noel hates them. I met them near our Football English Pub, where we invited Liam and Morricone. They remind me of Natalie "the best conceivable English model" :) in Milan, a "big bird" studying chemistry. One of the festivals this summer in Milan is dedicated to her

The beautiful ones, there's a cover by Noel Gallagher: "The Ugly Ones".
He also covered True by Spandau Ballet: "False".
He is such a liar...

Different class, still speeding ;)
one dedicated to the foundation of Britalian, Bar Italia (famous bar in London, you remember the article on Zani)

Ah, the Nineties. No cell phone. No Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube, no Mp3, NO INTERNET.
All we did back then to catch music videos was on TV. Frantically called best friends on home telephone that our favorite singers/band were on tv.
Oasis, Verve, Suede, Smashing Pumpkins, Jewel... Memorable times... gone are those days. Nothing ever lasts forever.

For those who don't know, this is an Italian band, song for the 1975 horror film by Dario Argento "Profondo rosso" (deep red), one of the scariest you could see (with David Hemmings, the English actor from Michelangelo Antonioni Blow-up, the Swinging London-Carnaby Street-Pretty Green).
Italian progressive rock from the '70s.

On Oasisblues I posted a lot about the '80s, here just some special mention...

Eighth Wonder, I'm not scared
(she's no scaredy cat as Noel - I'll take those 8 dogs away from her :)
(may lightning strike Noel if he's telling a lie)
with Eros Ramazzotti, La luce buona delle stelle (3:05 she sings in Italian)
David Bowie, Absolute beginners, film with Patsy Kensit and Italian mod scooters

excuse me for the hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (8)
again and again: love has no age. She's the woman buying me (see the post about the wishlist).
her son works @ a Pretty Green store... but no more blue cashmere pullovers, Liam promised me his ex wife (no problem that she's 2nd hand - oops, 3rd hand - oops, 4th hand - etc.). She had 4 husbands. In the future maybe 8 husbands (Liz Taylor?). They were all British men, she never tried an Italian. Patsy in Italy sounds good :D
Probably I've got to write A LOT of scripts for Liam... you know, those for his interviews... that's why they're full of mistakes ahaha
This was my childhood shock (especially her dress going down @ Italian Sanremo festival 1987 when she was 19: Will you remember (Wil)Liam :) - from 1:15 her dress falls (same leopard dress from Liam), flashing a nipple. The shock of the flashing, lol (of the lightning - Oasis). A scandal for those times, especially in Italy. I do remember. They talked about this for days, weeks, months, years. I'm still talking about it, it's history :)
yes single Patsy, even though hearing your voice now you've clearly become a man - nowadays it can happen (LOL)
I've known a similar English girl recently but she seems to have too many problems with alcohol. Completely mad, not even our psychiatric hospital would accept her. They think drinking is cool, but it isn't, at all.

Foreigner, I want to know what love is - Patsy after 4 British husbands wants to know what love is - foreigner (lol)

Diana Ross, Upside Down  - title of Oasis' Creation Records film :). Some years ago the owner of Liam's favourite restaurant, that one by Como lake near Milan, gave to Liam some rarity stuff by Diana Ross as gift... now I don't accept any more Pretty Green cashmere pullovers from Liam. Only ex wives.

this was one of the defining songs of the Eighties, by the Italian good artist Raf, it was his beginning, singing in English

she was one of my insipirations when I used to sing (and Kelly Jones) for my rough voice-whisky effect :) 
I should try Noel's-Farinelli falsetto, but no girl castrated me. Not yet. Someone did with Noel, it's clear in his blog, problems with women, inferiority complexes, hair, etc.

I added many more (songs, not wives), on Oasisblues.

the Strokes, Hard to explain
my ex best friend, that one very similar to Noel in everything (was it Noel?), was friends with his father...pathetic when Julian writes lyrics moaning about something. You're the son of John Casablancas Milano, one of the biggest model agencies, hard to explain such a hard life...
I still hear him when he calls by phone on football programmes on tv...
"was an honest man"... 
of course, Inter Pirelli related, the "honest" ones.
You might think: ah, that's why you're angry with Noel. No I'm not angry, I laugh about him the whole day. That must be a hard life ;)

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