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Friday, January 27, 2012

MILAN - You know I "talk straight" :) and I say everything.
I've seen there are some bitches (lol), also famous bitches, who put their "wish list" of gifts they would like to receive (also on websites as Amazon, etc.). Thinking bad of people is a sin, but most of the times you're right... so I can imagine that "in exchange" of those gifts, they give themselves...
I absolutely must create my wish list.
Life is one, and everything and everybody has a price. 
Well, women always want to be "the same" as men, the "gender equality", so here I want to be the same as them :) 
I blame it on (not the changing of the seasons, as Roll It Over :), on the financial crisis.
With this post I don't mean Beady Eye fans are gay, lol. But there must be some rich women who would buy me :D ...I can be their Italian gigolo ahaha.
Or maybe some Manchester City's sheikhs, I can work in their garden :)
As I was posting about old Italian songs, this is not gay Renato Zero song "Mi vendo" (I sell myself) ahaha.
According to some high-flying brains people, Beady Eye are gay. It's not clear why (you know, big brains are cryptic), it seems because they're linked to fashion (Pretty Green... probably they say so because Noel Gallagher blamed everybody and also Pretty Green for the Oasis split).
Hmmm... but so why their idol Noel always said he likes Beady Eye?
The cases can only be 3:
1) Noel is a liar (how rare eh) 2) Noel is a gay (also for singing in falsetto as Farinelli the Castrated and always being on Grazia magazine) 3) they're a bunch of jealous faggots.
These high flying birds have no feet on the ground...
So today let's do the same: usually "the little things they make me so happy (all I wanna do is live by the sea)" (Oasis' It's good to be free), but now here "am I happy with that? no I'm not! I want more!"
(mocking Noel).
The other day the legend Tony McCarrol said: "I've never taken advantage of the Oasis connections over the years. There have been a lot of offers and opportunities but I just never felt the need to. I've been living a really normal life, nothing much has been going on."
Let's take advantage :), life can't be normal.
Now, seriously, this is my wish list for you to remember for my birthday :), 9 June, that is also Pretty Green birthday.
Sometimes there are people who offer me money for advertisements (you know, banners, those things) on some of my websites. That's also why I'm posting this.

this is for you Liam... the Pretty Green blue cashmere pullover is beautiful, thanks. Stop trying to delete Noel's final statement on the official site, leave him alone. Keep on visiting Oasisblues.

Liam Gallagher driving. God Noel has no driving license, guess God thinks he's not able

as car, I always liked the English Jaguar or the English Lotus, and of course the English McLaren.
Jaguar as my first girlfriend's car.
"She looked just like a star in a Jaguar, she needs to lighten her load" (Oasis, Step out)
"I'm gonna get me a motor car, maybe a Jaguar, maybe a plane or a day of fame" (Oasis, Going nowhere)

it's sad to say but often when you're rich or have a great car, you "automatically" have a beautiful woman.
But if it's a woman buying me (lol), she would be probably older. I always say "love has no age" and it's true.
Since I was a kid I always liked that girl who would have become Liam's wife for some time (Patsy Kensit), this is the Dutch model Karen Mulder, I always liked her elegant beauty (both of them were born in 1968, so yes, they're really older)

Liam on his Milano mod Lambretta. Italian scooter also in Pretty Green stores and @ nights

McLaren MP4-12C, better silver colour

a red, acoustic guitar (this is a Gibson Hummingbird)

what else? ...hmm I could have some of these and other things, not all of them are impossible. Anyway, the "all I wanna do is live by the sea" could still be nice, but I should sell one of our houses. Someday. Photo: (and you're singing) Shangri-La, in my Brit island Minorca.
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