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Pretty Green beginning

Italian songs in the '60s, influenced by the Beatles (and Pretty Green)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MILAN - Photo: Fausto Papetti records (he played saxophone), always with nude girls ^_^.
Remember the Beady Eye-Pretty Green mod style rules: sunglasses need to be large, round and plastic.
There is no Pretty Green womenswear yet, so the Pretty Green girl is still naked.
Meanwhile, it's official: Manchester City sponsor Heineken Jammin Festival this summer is in Milano, not Venice. There could be Noel Gallagher during his summer tour. He always copies Liam. Prepare the plums. Do you remember my post about our songs influenced by the Beatles (old post, click here), I wrote some other things. I wasn't even born, but we were influenced by our parents.
I still have to post about the '70s, soon.
Let's repeat some of those '60s videos here (if you use Explorer you can see some on YouTube only), also for the new readers.

i Pooh (one of the most famous historic bands), "In silenzio" + "Piccola Katy"
Pretty Green graphics and clothes, lol
"...and in a morning of grey fog, suddenly you decided to go away...go go, little Katy"
Another famous song by them: "Tanta voglia di lei", etc. in the 70s

Bobby Solo (he was very influenced by Elvis Presley, Liam's idol),
"Una lacrima sul viso" (=a tear on your face) + "Non c'è più niente da fare" (=there's nothing left to do)
Another song: "Domenica d'agosto"

Gianni Morandi (very famous not only in Italy), "C'era un ragazzo che come me amava i Beatles e i Rolling Stones" (=there was a boy who as me loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones)
It says, he was from the United States of America, he was not handsome but he had a thousand girls by his side... He was singing "Help!" and "Ticket to ride" or "Lady Jane" or "Yesterday"... but then he received a letter, gave me his guitar and went to fight in Vietnam (and then died there)
Other hits: "Fatti mandare dalla mamma a prendere il latte", "Scende la pioggia", "In ginocchio da te", "Non son degno di te", etc.
For a certain period he was dressed as soldier (as Liam :), 'cause it was compulsory.

Noel Gallagher's biggest inspiration, Ennio Morricone, for the melodies, strings and choirs. For example, if you whistle "Part of the queue", it's a spaghetti western melody. Since Oasis' first album Definitely Maybe, with on the cover this '60s film featuring Morricone music. Of course Noel will never reach his height, dream on. We've seen him live some times and also met (he has a "bad", strong character :), @ Milan Duomo cathedral and on the front row :).
Soon another post about him.
By the way, Saint Marco square: Venice Carnival is from 11 to 21 February

The Rokes (by Shel Shapiro from London),
English band successful in Italy and singing in Italian with English accent :)
they were the "Italian Beatles".
When they're close look at the hairstyles, lol
"C'è una strana espressione nei tuoi occhi" (=there's a strange expression in your beady eyes... they mean that you don't love me anymore")
Other famous songs by them: "Bisogna saper perdere" (with Lucio Dalla), "Che colpa abbiamo noi", "E' la pioggia che va", etc.
(there was another singer from UK, Mal, singing in Italian, and one from USA, Rocky Roberts)

Maurizio (from Milan), "Cinque minuti e poi" (=five minutes and then), about airports :)
this one's dedicated to Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds (do you think I'm kind with him now...wait :). ... the final part is very Noel The Liar about the Oasis reunion: "...lies! lies! you won't come back!" LOL

Nico Fidenco, "Con te sulla spiaggia" (=with you on the beach)
my favourite video, lol...for the faces. Featuring brunette Victoria Beckham at 0:10 and at 0:52 with the ball the double of an English girl I know, we laughed for one week, lol
Other song: "Legata a un granello di sabbia" (with those strings and choir Noel likes and took from Ennio Morricone). Noel says looters are "fucking idiots" and he's the biggest looter of music...

i Giganti (the Giants, from Milan), "Una ragazza in due (mai le dirò)" (=A girl in two - I'll never tell her)
Marco summer version: a boy in 2, lol (threesome ^_^)
Another song: "Tema"

Dik Dik, "L'isola di Wight" (they have a restaurant-club near Milan, with the same name).
Noel Gallagher would sing: hippy fucking hippiesssss  fucking hippyyyyyyyy lol
featuring Beady Eye @ Isle of Wight, Liam @ 0:52 wearing his cowboy hat :).
Other ones: "Il primo giorno di primavera" (the first day of spring),
"Sognando California" (cover of California dreamin')

Mina (very popular, a sort of holy figure, as Noel "God" Gallagher lol, also because she doesn't appear in public anymore now, some say because she's fat, but she's still one of the greatest artists, born near Milan),
"Grande grande grande" (= [you're] great great great)
about someone with a bad character as Liam Gallagher ahaha (he hasn't) but she still loves him :) - she says: I love you then I hate you then I love you... it's great only you.
Also featuring some words said by Noel about Liam, more or less: you're the worst man one could ever meet, lol. All the times I met Liam he was the sweetest man :)
The singer is more Liam 'cause she says: don't leave me anymore! ahahaha
Other songs: "Se telefonando" (if calling by phone), "E' l'uomo per me" (he's the man for me), "Stessa spiaggia stesso mare" (same beach same sea), etc.

Little Tony, "Cuore matto" (=mad heart)
It's another one dedicated to Noel Gallagher: "...'cause the truth, you never told the truth!"
Also featuring some piano a bit similar to Beady Eye's Beatles and Stones.
The man speaking @ 0:15 was Ferruccio Amendola, the most famous Italian film dubber, gave his voice to Dustin Hoffman, Sylvester Stallone, etc. They say Italians have the best dubbers while in other countries they're shite.
Another song: "Riderà" (she'll laugh)

Rita Pavone, "La partita di pallone" (=old way to say: the football match), also featuring AC Milan champions in the '60s, Gianni Rivera.
It's about a jealous girl doubting her boyfriend was really going to the stadium :), so she wants to go there.
Then it can't be Noel... as Liam says: he's a poor City fan, lol. He even missed the FA Cup final.
Other famous ones: "Il ballo del mattone", "Datemi un martello", "Viva la pappa col pomodoro", "Che m'importa del mondo", "Come te non c'è nessuno", etc.

Franco IV e Franco I, "Ho scritto t'amo sulla sabbia" (=I wrote I love you on the sand)
this is a fucking great song (not the video :), could influence songs even today

Don Backy, "L'immensità" (with Johnny Dorelli, from near Milan, whose wife is the sexy Gloria Guida).
When I was a child in the '80s I liked Don Backy very much, I think he was cool :)
I think there's some Pretty Green jacket like this one :)
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