DiLello, longest cocktail party feat. Pretty Green

Pretty Green crowned Drapers Brand of the year!

Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green sofa, so good (from Italy), throwing plums

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MILAN - Biggest event for the New Year's Eve (San Silvestro-Capodanno), to play with friends and family. No more "keep calm" but freak out. New year, throw away old things and people. Open up yourself to new experiences.
Why spending a lot of money for Balotelli's fireworks and dangerous rockets, this is funnier and gives you more satisfaction. 
You know, giving plums to someone means saying he's shite, 'cause that's the effect of plums: going to the toilet. 
So you can also vent your anger, also for all the excuses given this year 2011 by Noel Gallagher for the Oasis split in 2009: band members not supporting, management not supporting, Liam, everybody, Pretty Green too, violence (why only with you Noel? wasn't Noel proud he had always beaten up Liam and now suddenly he was scared?), etc. even the ozone hole's fault... while the reason was simply because he wanted to go solo - since 2000 - and something else I can't tell you. 
God? Jesus? as false as Judas. 

We're doing this, also because I've read from Noel's usual ass lickers on the press: "(Noel) a year of radio silence rather than a 12-month brag (Liam)..." ...OH, what a case: Noel's album was coming out and he was speaking about Oasis' split of 2 years before, only now... he was silent eh, poor boy... the smart liar...
I know they could lick his ass even on the toilet.
Liam Gallagher the prophet: "If we had a greengrocers, Gallagher's Greengrocers, we'd argue over which way we set out the apples or the fucking pears."
Or the fucking plums.

Liam loves targets. Also the sofa is from Italy, an Italian company.
"We are doing everything man, we are going to cane it. We will see how it goes with the clothes first. We have got this leather, round sofa, that opens up, made the other day. A Pretty Green one, from Italy shaped like a target with the Pretty Green logo in the middle, and it's the fucking nuts man." (Liam)

do you remember the Italian Job opening scene (On days like these, Matt Munro, "Questi giorni quando VIENI (lol) il bel sole (=these days when the nice sun comes) On days like these when skies are oasisblues and fields are prettygreen...while your beady eyes played games with mine"). Places in this video: the longest Italian river (Po), San Colombano al Lambro (the Irish saint of motorcycle riders and Milan river giving the name to the mod Lambretta scooter) and countryside around Milan. No accident happened, just to remind you to pay attention while driving. Because many people are drinking too much and spending £7,000 for a night in a bar... I'm going to say surnames but only names: Noel. Anyway he's got no driving license.
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