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Pretty Green beginning

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Monday, December 26, 2011

MILAN - My advices:
polo (€35), similar to Jimmy's in Quadrophenia. 
a parka (if you don't have one, better this military green, as in Quadrophenia) 
if you get one of these and then meet Liam Gallagher, he will tell you: nice jacket, lol. Recording the Beady Eye album he was wearing a white one. The red one is similar to the one he had @ Oasis at the City of Manchester stadium 2005 (plus white hat) 

at least one PG t-shirt (€25) 
and here you should have Liam giving you the Manchester City cachemire pullover :D as he gave me, but these merino are fine 
scarf, colour English blue navy, produced in Italy 
shoes (no sales), Clarks desert boots, not Noel's rubbishoes 

and no trousers, lol. So one is ready to "going to pull a really nice-looking girl wearing Pretty Green" :D 

Turn up the sun, by Andy Bell
1:07: Italian flag
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