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Pretty Green beginning

Liam most stylish man. Models are retards

Saturday, December 17, 2011

MILAN - Vote for British GQ's "Most Stylish Man 2012" here, you know what to do (it's next year: so it's ME, lol). I wonder why there's no Noel Gallagher, the one singing in falsetto... ah, he's on Grazia magazine... they say it's a bit gay, isn't it. Don't get me wrong: nothing wrong in that, lol. Sometimes I noticed he moves a bit like a homosexual. It's because, just like his fans, they're delicate... the easy-crying type (in fact, he found so many excuses for the Oasis split, the victim). When they hear that "moving", poignant music, they feel "touched" and find consolation in it. 

Talking about gays, yesterday I was talking to a model (engaged to a boy model, you know they're quite "feminine") and I convinced her to leave him... and she really did! Oh Jesus, I was half-joking, and I said they're gays not so seriously. It's just another confirmation that models are retards. Nothing new.
I only said things like: you'll never know a real man in your whole life, lol ("you'll never know, unless you try" :). And things like: you models live in an easy world of appearances, where looking good = it's nice and lasts a lot of time, I've known loads the same as you. I could never love one as you (Oasis' "my heart will never be your home", lol). You're so thin that you seem sick. I mean, I'm very thin too, but I eat a lot (of good things, Italian food). All the boy models are at least bisexual, sign of insecurity, they didn't find their identity themselves yet. How can you say you love one when there are millions in the world you can love more, the fact is just that you don't meet them, etc. lol

Liam is not a model and he's much more cool and stylish than them, he's a real man.

Blow-up, film by Michelangelo Antonioni (inspiring Oasis' Who feels love with Zabriskie Point), Swinging London inspiring Pretty Green - Carnaby Street, produced by near Milan-ese born Carlo Ponti (Sophia Loren husband). 1966 England world champion. Next time we'll have: film produced by Liam Gallagher. Here's what I was saying about models. "I thought you were supposed to be in Paris"... "I am in Paris", lol (Veruschka, model on drugs), plus Jane Birkin & Gillian Hills both in Oasis fringe hairstyle :) and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.
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