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Pretty Green beginning

guess the girl, "call the kid BeadyEye" comp

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MILAN - Competitions are back :) ...you're all grown up, don't you ever wanna play? :)
As Liam said: people will call their kids BeadyEye by the end of the year.
Guess who is this girl "modelling" and win (I don't know what, lol.. let's say: win a holiday to Milan :). Little help: important details in the photo... (that was my camera). 
send your answer to: marco@oasisblues.com 
maybe in the place you live she's well known, so it's easy for you, but here nobody knows her. 

need more help? ok then, it's Christmas :). She's English - rose (so as last week Noel would say: everybody hates them) and I think she'll have a Kate Moss lifestyle in a couple of years...
and she's similar to one that Liam called "the fucking woman" lol.
It's someone who has to do with Oasis of course... from the Oasis "encyclopaedia"...
I could tell you more, but it would be too easy for everyone.

A detail to notice was the leopard skin... she could model for Pretty Green (kidswear&womenswear) 'cause one who is her brother somehow, already works for PG... I'm helping you too much...
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