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Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

the best of year 2011 highlights

Thursday, December 22, 2011

MILAN - Unforgettable images from this great year, definitely marked by Italy protagonist. "If you came with me, the days would never end, will never be the same" (It's Better People).
Best song: In the Bubble with a Bullet (Noel could never write that, too happy). Many meetings with Beady Eye, 3 in Milan, Florence, etc. Liam Gallagher wearing the Italian flag in Milan. Beady's Beat goes on, Evelina, Swedish girls. Best goal: (Swedish) Zlatan Ibra(himovic), Galliani hilarious reaction. Football English Pub when there were real blue bubbles. Duomo. An alcohol lemon haze. Call me the rolla. Red&black AC Milan celebrating Serie A league (and supercup) mixed with Mancini-red&black Manchester City Blue Moon 1st cup in 35 years, Tevez (already in red&black ;), Mario Balotelli song (someday he will join his favourite team AC Milan), he was "man of the match" (Liam was @ Wembley's FA Cup final, Noel wasn't, the "poor City fan", lol). AC Milan's Dolce&Gabbana party. Button from last to 1st position (also thanks to Italian pasta provided to him ;) ...many Italians work for them), winning the best race ever seen in decades. Monza. McLaren shop in Milan. Mario "M" hair just like my pubic hair ahaha. 6 times, Manchester United tennis-derby historic 1-6 Mario, why always me. Mod Lambretta-Eicma girls. Moonwalk Michael Jackson-Boateng. 2012 morning dawn (Beady's Morning son), 2nd album, different year, still speeding. I'm a fucking genius.

note: between Liam and Dolce & Gabbana I put a subliminal image (could be a good sign of luck) of Pretty Green in Milan, as Brad Pitt did in Fight Club (he put a penis, lol)

I think there shouldn't be anything more this year... ah by the end of the year there should be that thing Liam said: "calling the kid Beady Eye" :). Maybe an English model fan of Oasis is coming to Milan... maybe. Oh but this is part of the "personal things".

You can't say I forgot someone, because I even put "HIM" on the cover, lol.
I forgot the girls who wanted to pay me to stay on the front row, me bitch, lol. They wanted to shoot photos with me, as if I was a landmark :). With my videos around I'm a media darling, not like Noel Gallagher but like AC Milan :) (just kidding).

I'm reading people saying "The death of you and me" song of the year?! a cover? then what a bad year for music. It's because couples vote it (that's why Noel gets double votes, they're couples), also "If I had a gun"... I'd rather say "Aka, GET a life".
Basically, all the girls engaged, are engaged to some wanker. They realise it when they get the next one.
It's a both feminist and male chauvinist thought, boys-wankers, girls-bitches.
One saying on Grazia magazine (photo above on Gioia magazine) that he's a great husband, excellent lover, would marry himself, etc. can only be a wanker.

Beady Eye's album can't be a let-down, 'cause nobody expected anything great from them, but it was good and the reviews were positive. Noel's is a HUGE letdown, in fact he received 21 negative reviews.
I even heard people saying Beady Eye are a bad copy of Oasis. They clearly don't know about music, as every review said Beady Eye have something new and that Noel's is more similar to Oasis (they clearly know about music more than you and me).
I even heard Noel needs "more credit" (!) for this 2011, as if it wasn't enough. Enough of his ego and all. Yes he needs more if you're 11 years old, so you weren't even born in the '90s and you can't understand... it's normal that you like him now. In fact, as Noel said, I see many of his fans are kids. But he said that to appear as one who has a new audience... that means: more money.

2012: the year starts with 2 derbies, Milan and Manchester, there will be Beady Eye 2nd album (and Noel's), Liam's Beatles film, Manchester City trying to win the league (Milan the same), Button to win the world championship, maybe Tevez@Milan, Euro 2012, Olympic Games in London.
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