DiLello, longest cocktail party feat. Pretty Green

Pretty Green crowned Drapers Brand of the year!

Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

the King Liam Gallagher in the Queen’s New Year Honors list +most working artists

Saturday, December 31, 2011

LONDON - Here are the big names picking up honors from the Queen’s 2012 roster.
Liam Gallagher is among the high profile names from the entertainment world to garner a plaudit in the Queen’s New Year Honors list, published December 31, 2011.
Former Oasis frontman and now Beady Eye bandleader, and Talking Heads and record producer Steve Lillywhite (producing the Beady Eye album) all find themselves with a CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire).
Helena Bonham Carter, who portrayed Queen Elizabeth in The King’s Speech, has been made a CBE in the list.
Also honored with a CBE is comedian Ronnie Corbett and the Australian born entertainer and writer Clive James.
Television presenter Lorraine Kelly and Sky News war reporter Alex Crawford, both working on the small screen in very different circumstances, are made OBEs (Officer of the British Empire).
Peter Bazalgette, the veteran television executive who brought Big Brother to the U.K. during his stint as Endemol chief executive, garners a knighthood in the list while Who Wants to Be A Millionaire creator and Celador Entertainment founder Paul Smith takes a CBE.
Actor David Harewood, whose resume boasts Blood Diamond in which he starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, is awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire).
The New Year Honors list aims to recognize outstanding achievement and service across the whole of the U.K.

Photo above @ Brixton Academy. Noel Galliga doesn't go shaking hands with fans, he's a scaredy cat.

The ex Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher hates the Queen (is there anything that man doesn't hate?). The best conceivable English model Nathalie said she's a very intelligent person. Too intelligent for him, he's always proud to be ignorant.
Just like Noel fans: they appreciate him 'cause they're not very intelligent.

We Oasis fans were known for knowing (sorry for the pun :) everything about them. People even mocked us, accusing us that we listen to Oasis only (not true). An Oasis fan can also say that Noel is an overrated asshole or that Liam is an idiot, because we know everything about them. At least with this 2011, I discovered that I'm not a Noel fan (anymore). Those new Noel kids are not Oasis fans as they say. They may be Noel fans, but they're not Oasis fans.

Music, fashion, cinema... he's very busy. This about music: Liam Gallagher has been officially credited as being among the hardest-working artists in showbiz by a music industry body.
The Beady Eye frontman made it into the top 10 of PRS For Music's annual poll, which finds out which acts have headlined the most major venues throughout the year.
Olly Murs and JLS came out joint top of the poll, while Take That were in third place in the poll.
Barney Hooper from PRS For Music explained: Performing live and going on tour are fundamental to any artist and is a great way for them to engage with their fans. Congratulations to both JLS and Olly Murs and all the songwriters who they have worked with to create the music that so many people are enjoying.
JLS hailed their nod as a "great achievement", while Murs said it was a "real honour" to come out joint top of the list.
Meanwhile, Gallagher has not yet commented on his band's top ten placing, which came as a result of numerous headline dates around the UK and the rest of the world with Beady Eye.

You can win the NME Awards ceremony in London, by voting for Beady Eye as Best British Band, Best International Band, Best New Band, Best Live Band, Best Album, Best Track (In the Bubble with a Bullet), Best Video, Best dancefloor filler (Bring the light-The roller), yeah all of them, Hero of the year, Villain of the year (Noel Gallagher), Worst Album (NOEL'S), Worst Band (NOEL'S), Best Album Artwork (NO NOEL, this is sure), Best Band Blog (oasisBlues), Music Moment of the year (Liam wearing the Italian flag for the whole Milan gig), etc., Beady Eye also Best Solo Artist :) so they could get at least one. Click here

Pretty Green sofa, so good (from Italy), throwing plums

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MILAN - Biggest event for the New Year's Eve (San Silvestro-Capodanno), to play with friends and family. No more "keep calm" but freak out. New year, throw away old things and people. Open up yourself to new experiences.
Why spending a lot of money for Balotelli's fireworks and dangerous rockets, this is funnier and gives you more satisfaction. 
You know, giving plums to someone means saying he's shite, 'cause that's the effect of plums: going to the toilet. 
So you can also vent your anger, also for all the excuses given this year 2011 by Noel Gallagher for the Oasis split in 2009: band members not supporting, management not supporting, Liam, everybody, Pretty Green too, violence (why only with you Noel? wasn't Noel proud he had always beaten up Liam and now suddenly he was scared?), etc. even the ozone hole's fault... while the reason was simply because he wanted to go solo - since 2000 - and something else I can't tell you. 
God? Jesus? as false as Judas. 

We're doing this, also because I've read from Noel's usual ass lickers on the press: "(Noel) a year of radio silence rather than a 12-month brag (Liam)..." ...OH, what a case: Noel's album was coming out and he was speaking about Oasis' split of 2 years before, only now... he was silent eh, poor boy... the smart liar...
I know they could lick his ass even on the toilet.
Liam Gallagher the prophet: "If we had a greengrocers, Gallagher's Greengrocers, we'd argue over which way we set out the apples or the fucking pears."
Or the fucking plums.

Liam loves targets. Also the sofa is from Italy, an Italian company.
"We are doing everything man, we are going to cane it. We will see how it goes with the clothes first. We have got this leather, round sofa, that opens up, made the other day. A Pretty Green one, from Italy shaped like a target with the Pretty Green logo in the middle, and it's the fucking nuts man." (Liam)

do you remember the Italian Job opening scene (On days like these, Matt Munro, "Questi giorni quando VIENI (lol) il bel sole (=these days when the nice sun comes) On days like these when skies are oasisblues and fields are prettygreen...while your beady eyes played games with mine"). Places in this video: the longest Italian river (Po), San Colombano al Lambro (the Irish saint of motorcycle riders and Milan river giving the name to the mod Lambretta scooter) and countryside around Milan. No accident happened, just to remind you to pay attention while driving. Because many people are drinking too much and spending £7,000 for a night in a bar... I'm going to say surnames but only names: Noel. Anyway he's got no driving license.

Pretty Green Bullit in the Bubble with a Bullet

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MILAN - look at the pattern of the pajamas... paisley inspiring Pretty Green.
film: Bullit, Liam Gallagher's idol Steve McQueen (inspiring the Pretty Green Grand Prix speeding jacket) and the English actress Jacqueline Bisset. Song: the best one by Beady Eye, in the Bubble with a Bullet.
here also featuring: Pretty Green roll neck pullover merino.
mirror video, the end is the beginning is the end :)
I'm a fucking genius, lol

and McQueen was one looking for trouble but bulletproof

Pretty Green sales: advices, the must-have

Monday, December 26, 2011

MILAN - My advices:
polo (€35), similar to Jimmy's in Quadrophenia. 
a parka (if you don't have one, better this military green, as in Quadrophenia) 
if you get one of these and then meet Liam Gallagher, he will tell you: nice jacket, lol. Recording the Beady Eye album he was wearing a white one. The red one is similar to the one he had @ Oasis at the City of Manchester stadium 2005 (plus white hat) 

at least one PG t-shirt (€25) 
and here you should have Liam giving you the Manchester City cachemire pullover :D as he gave me, but these merino are fine 
scarf, colour English blue navy, produced in Italy 
shoes (no sales), Clarks desert boots, not Noel's rubbishoes 

and no trousers, lol. So one is ready to "going to pull a really nice-looking girl wearing Pretty Green" :D 

Turn up the sun, by Andy Bell
1:07: Italian flag

Beady Eye 2nd album 2012 preview: different year, still rocking

Friday, December 23, 2011

LONDON - Second album, still Liam Gallagher, the one and only, who else. Quite meaningful the kid smoking. Still young, who can already do anything ("we do what we want" - In the bubble with a bullet).
After "Different gear still speeding", in about 5 weeks (new McLaren), former Oasis frontman's Beady Eye start recording the 2nd album, released for the summer (so we'll hear something before, as last year/this year). It's gonna be inspired by George Harrison (also inspiration for Pretty Green clothes and big fan of speeding McLaren :) "All things must pass" and there'll be some strings. Liam said there won't be a tour, but probably some shows to launch it.
The ex oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, the lazy fuck, will (definitely maybe) release something he will call "new album", not rock but made of remixes, and songs from the 1st "new" album (with songs from 2001 and 2004) and work made by the Amorphous Androgynous.
As Liam says: beware of darkness

work in progress

George Harrison on honeymoon with his wife Patti Boyd, on Valentine's Day February 14, 1966 in Barbados

Wah wah

Isn't it a pity


My sweet Lord, where Noel Gallagher copied some Supersonic and Hindu Times

the best of year 2011 highlights

Thursday, December 22, 2011

MILAN - Unforgettable images from this great year, definitely marked by Italy protagonist. "If you came with me, the days would never end, will never be the same" (It's Better People).
Best song: In the Bubble with a Bullet (Noel could never write that, too happy). Many meetings with Beady Eye, 3 in Milan, Florence, etc. Liam Gallagher wearing the Italian flag in Milan. Beady's Beat goes on, Evelina, Swedish girls. Best goal: (Swedish) Zlatan Ibra(himovic), Galliani hilarious reaction. Football English Pub when there were real blue bubbles. Duomo. An alcohol lemon haze. Call me the rolla. Red&black AC Milan celebrating Serie A league (and supercup) mixed with Mancini-red&black Manchester City Blue Moon 1st cup in 35 years, Tevez (already in red&black ;), Mario Balotelli song (someday he will join his favourite team AC Milan), he was "man of the match" (Liam was @ Wembley's FA Cup final, Noel wasn't, the "poor City fan", lol). AC Milan's Dolce&Gabbana party. Button from last to 1st position (also thanks to Italian pasta provided to him ;) ...many Italians work for them), winning the best race ever seen in decades. Monza. McLaren shop in Milan. Mario "M" hair just like my pubic hair ahaha. 6 times, Manchester United tennis-derby historic 1-6 Mario, why always me. Mod Lambretta-Eicma girls. Moonwalk Michael Jackson-Boateng. 2012 morning dawn (Beady's Morning son), 2nd album, different year, still speeding. I'm a fucking genius.

note: between Liam and Dolce & Gabbana I put a subliminal image (could be a good sign of luck) of Pretty Green in Milan, as Brad Pitt did in Fight Club (he put a penis, lol)

I think there shouldn't be anything more this year... ah by the end of the year there should be that thing Liam said: "calling the kid Beady Eye" :). Maybe an English model fan of Oasis is coming to Milan... maybe. Oh but this is part of the "personal things".

You can't say I forgot someone, because I even put "HIM" on the cover, lol.
I forgot the girls who wanted to pay me to stay on the front row, me bitch, lol. They wanted to shoot photos with me, as if I was a landmark :). With my videos around I'm a media darling, not like Noel Gallagher but like AC Milan :) (just kidding).

I'm reading people saying "The death of you and me" song of the year?! a cover? then what a bad year for music. It's because couples vote it (that's why Noel gets double votes, they're couples), also "If I had a gun"... I'd rather say "Aka, GET a life".
Basically, all the girls engaged, are engaged to some wanker. They realise it when they get the next one.
It's a both feminist and male chauvinist thought, boys-wankers, girls-bitches.
One saying on Grazia magazine (photo above on Gioia magazine) that he's a great husband, excellent lover, would marry himself, etc. can only be a wanker.

Beady Eye's album can't be a let-down, 'cause nobody expected anything great from them, but it was good and the reviews were positive. Noel's is a HUGE letdown, in fact he received 21 negative reviews.
I even heard people saying Beady Eye are a bad copy of Oasis. They clearly don't know about music, as every review said Beady Eye have something new and that Noel's is more similar to Oasis (they clearly know about music more than you and me).
I even heard Noel needs "more credit" (!) for this 2011, as if it wasn't enough. Enough of his ego and all. Yes he needs more if you're 11 years old, so you weren't even born in the '90s and you can't understand... it's normal that you like him now. In fact, as Noel said, I see many of his fans are kids. But he said that to appear as one who has a new audience... that means: more money.

2012: the year starts with 2 derbies, Milan and Manchester, there will be Beady Eye 2nd album (and Noel's), Liam's Beatles film, Manchester City trying to win the league (Milan the same), Button to win the world championship, maybe Tevez@Milan, Euro 2012, Olympic Games in London.

coming soon: film produced by Liam Gallagher

Sunday, December 18, 2011

MILAN - And after the Englishman Charlie Chaplin in Brazil, here we have Alfred Hitchcock silhouette :).
Our Pretty Green clothes will be in Liam's film.
Noel Gallagher tried to make a film with his videos, but featuring Russell Brand (Oasis' Yoko Ono, making them split, one of many reasons :) it looked like a bullshit (I wonder whether in England there's anyone who likes him... everybody always tell me everybody hates him... as Noel says: everybody hates the English people).
Tonight there was (Newcastle supporter :) Sting to meet in Milan again, the mods leader, the Ace Face in Quadrophenia, Liam's favourite film (I met him wearing my parka and telling him "we are mods" :). He produces wine and food in Italy, that's why he comes so often. His similar Italian scooter in Pretty Green stores (photos of Liam riding it).

more about the British movie The Italian Job (1969), featuring "Noel the coward", lol. The scaredy cat.
Opening scene, (beautiful) song: On days like these, Matt Monro. 
Questi giorni quando VIENI (lol) il bel sole (these days when the nice sun comes)
la la la la la-la-la-la la la la la
On days like these when skies are oasisblues and fields are prettygreen :)
I look around and think about what might have been... 
...singing songs and drinking wine 
while your beady eyes played games with mine

also starring Benny Hill. The final scene was quite enigmatic...
The modern version remake, featuring the most beautiful woman in the world, Charlize Theron, was obviously of a different year, still speeding :)
also Stereophonics' "Pick a part that's new" video was inspired by this

Bullit, another one with a famous car chase scene, feat. Steve McQueen, one of Liam's idols, inspiring the Pretty Green GP jacket

another one from 1969, Midnight Cowboy, great (bittersweet) film about homosexuality, lol. Inspiring Oasis' Turn up the sun by Andy Bell (especially the Theme by John Barry), my alarm clock 2005->2008, written in Sweden while on drugs. The soap falling in the shower -> Sotomayor. Featuring Dustin Hoffman and Angelina Jolie's father, Jon Voight.
Everybody's talking at me, I don't hear a word they're saying... I'm going where the sun keeps shining... going where the weather suits my clothes, etc.

I added this to Liam's post about the most stylish British man. Film by Michelangelo Antonioni (inspiring Oasis' Who feels love video with Zabriskie Point), Swinging London inspiring Pretty Green - Carnaby Street, produced by near Milan-ese born Carlo Ponti (Sophia Loren husband). Year: 1966, England world champion. Next time we'll have: film produced by Liam Gallagher. Will we have also England at least Europe champion? Here's what I was saying about models. "I thought you were supposed to be in Paris"... "I am in Paris", lol (Veruschka, model on drugs), plus Jane Birkin & Gillian Hills both in Oasis fringe hairstyle :) and Led Zeppelin's legend Jimmy Page.
Clicking here is also a "threesome" scene :), with Green Onions music, but you need to be subscribed to YouTube to see it.
It would be nice a mix between Blow-up and the Italian Job, 'cause it would be: the blow job ahahaha

by Michelangelo Antonioni

psychedelic Wonderwall film for Beady Eye's psychedelic Wigwam x2, plus George Harrison music, inspiration for Beady Eye's 2nd album...

feat. Sting, Quadrophenia alley sex scene, Beady Eye music Two of a kind

Liam most stylish man. Models are retards

Saturday, December 17, 2011

MILAN - Vote for British GQ's "Most Stylish Man 2012" here, you know what to do (it's next year: so it's ME, lol). I wonder why there's no Noel Gallagher, the one singing in falsetto... ah, he's on Grazia magazine... they say it's a bit gay, isn't it. Don't get me wrong: nothing wrong in that, lol. Sometimes I noticed he moves a bit like a homosexual. It's because, just like his fans, they're delicate... the easy-crying type (in fact, he found so many excuses for the Oasis split, the victim). When they hear that "moving", poignant music, they feel "touched" and find consolation in it. 

Talking about gays, yesterday I was talking to a model (engaged to a boy model, you know they're quite "feminine") and I convinced her to leave him... and she really did! Oh Jesus, I was half-joking, and I said they're gays not so seriously. It's just another confirmation that models are retards. Nothing new.
I only said things like: you'll never know a real man in your whole life, lol ("you'll never know, unless you try" :). And things like: you models live in an easy world of appearances, where looking good = it's nice and lasts a lot of time, I've known loads the same as you. I could never love one as you (Oasis' "my heart will never be your home", lol). You're so thin that you seem sick. I mean, I'm very thin too, but I eat a lot (of good things, Italian food). All the boy models are at least bisexual, sign of insecurity, they didn't find their identity themselves yet. How can you say you love one when there are millions in the world you can love more, the fact is just that you don't meet them, etc. lol

Liam is not a model and he's much more cool and stylish than them, he's a real man.

Blow-up, film by Michelangelo Antonioni (inspiring Oasis' Who feels love with Zabriskie Point), Swinging London inspiring Pretty Green - Carnaby Street, produced by near Milan-ese born Carlo Ponti (Sophia Loren husband). 1966 England world champion. Next time we'll have: film produced by Liam Gallagher. Here's what I was saying about models. "I thought you were supposed to be in Paris"... "I am in Paris", lol (Veruschka, model on drugs), plus Jane Birkin & Gillian Hills both in Oasis fringe hairstyle :) and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.

guess the girl, "call the kid BeadyEye" comp

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MILAN - Competitions are back :) ...you're all grown up, don't you ever wanna play? :)
As Liam said: people will call their kids BeadyEye by the end of the year.
Guess who is this girl "modelling" and win (I don't know what, lol.. let's say: win a holiday to Milan :). Little help: important details in the photo... (that was my camera). 
send your answer to: marco@oasisblues.com 
maybe in the place you live she's well known, so it's easy for you, but here nobody knows her. 

need more help? ok then, it's Christmas :). She's English - rose (so as last week Noel would say: everybody hates them) and I think she'll have a Kate Moss lifestyle in a couple of years...
and she's similar to one that Liam called "the fucking woman" lol.
It's someone who has to do with Oasis of course... from the Oasis "encyclopaedia"...
I could tell you more, but it would be too easy for everyone.

A detail to notice was the leopard skin... she could model for Pretty Green (kidswear&womenswear) 'cause one who is her brother somehow, already works for PG... I'm helping you too much...

Pretty Green from Milan fashion giants

Thursday, December 08, 2011

MILAN - When Liam Gallagher chose to start his fashion line Pretty Green, in Milan, I was proud 'cause he chose my city. Obvious choice, 'cause it was elected as the first city of fashion in the world. The great results obtained with sales and prizes, say a lot.
Gem said that also the idea to form Beady Eye started here, when Liam was in Milan for Pretty Green.
And when another time Liam gave me as gift the blue cashmere pullover dedicated to Manchester City, that was easily one of the best days ever.
And when another time he told me "nice jacket", I'm easily still wearing that jacket day and night, lol.
And of course also my "Pretty Green scarf, in an English blue navy colour, a must-have: a soft, lightweight polka dot scarf made from 100% cotton and expertly hand-printed by Italy’s leading scarf producer" :).
My grandmother was a dressmaker, a tailor (my aunt too), and they were working at home, with clothes (she had the famous Singer sewing machine, we still have it, along with those old radios, RadioMarelli). Those were the good old traditional jobs. It seems that today, with the international crisis and all, as in my grandparents war times, we'd all still need to do something similar.
The other day I was writing : nobody wants to be told what to do, both young and adult people don't want. Sometimes it's the old people who want that, because they need help. And they're probably the only people who could really tell others what to do, because they have a lot of experience.
Today I'm missing my grandparents, I don't have any left. The other grandmother was a cook (chef), but she had so many activities, dressmaker too, and helping old people, going to pilgrimages to Lourdes with the Pope (John Paul II), she was a kind of legend for so many people in her valley. Her husband, my grandfather (boxing fan as the "ex Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher" :), had a hotel, that my family still has, that's where my grandmother was working. Of course, as Liam said, "the food's the bollocks", lol.

from Zani: Milano mods & art moderna, the moral capital of Italy, heaven & hell

Thursday, December 01, 2011

MILAN - The blue dome with stars (and England-Milan flag :) and the biggest Christmas (natural) tree in the world have been confirmed, but only thanks to a sponsor: Milano Prada. Waiting for Pretty Green to sponsor :).
Tevez new place ;) (don't you know you might find a better place to play :)

They say in Italy every road leads to Rome, well in Milan every road seems to lead to the Duomo, the magnificent gothic cathedral built from 1380 and over five centuries. As a lapsed catholic taught by the Jesuits from junior to senior school (motto “Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man” - Ignatius Loyola - so I must have been a man three times over) this place is both heaven and hell to me, solace and darkness in its most splendid form. Entering the dark gothic interior, the majestic stained glass and vaulted ceilings, the blackened mummified corpse of St Borromeus, trapped in time inside his glass tomb, in full canonicals, mitre and bejewelled gloves, the tiered rows of candles lit in memory of a loved one and the procession of priests and altar boys accompanied by a ghostly choir as swirls of incense waft up into the heights, it’s enough to bring anyone to their knees in prayer.
But for me, it evokes rather sinister memories of being ten years old and on school bell ringing duty, and no matter how much I checked my watch over and over, I would always be told I’d rung the bell ten seconds late and would receive six of the best from a kindly Jesuit, consequently I’m always looking at my watch and never late for a meeting but that can’t be a bad thing can it?
The exterior however, is the real joy of this monument to religious fortitude and centuries of political manoeuvring. Sculpted and crafted from Candoglin white marble it is really quite beyond compare, and frankly breathtaking. And you simply have to go up onto the roof walking along the length of the church amongst the marble statues of Saints and Kings, Napoleon to the Virgin Mary, and finally climbing up onto the roof you have the whole of Milan sprawling before you and the Alps in the distance on a clear day.

The surrounding Piazza Del Duomo leads off in every direction to the fashion houses and stores of Milan and I can’t help thinking there is a distinct Mod vibe about the clothes and attitude, from every passing scooter to the cafes and bars, people just simply present themselves to a standard lost on the marauding gangs of Chavs of Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, fat oafs roaming the streets in their uniform of grey tracksuits and white trainers (having never been in a gym in their lives) stuffing rancid buckets of KFC into their faces and feeding the scraps to the trophy pit bull. The Milano Mods aren’t just a scooter club, it’s a way of life here.

The next day with little time to spare, the concierge at the hotel sends me off to what I thought was going to be the Modern Art gallery of Milan but instead I find myself at the delightful Galleria D’Arte Moderna, a collection of 19th Century art which of course to the average Italian is Modern Art – silly me.
I’m not going to try and pretend I have any real knowledge or education of such art (I’m really a Tracey Emin unmade bed kinda of critic and other such outrages) but I can pass on my joy at this collection.
The ground floor hall features the neo classical marble sculptures by Pompeo Marchesi and hand drawings (uncannily like the works of Leonardo Da Vinci) and extensive works by Milanese artist, Andrea Appiani.
Amongst the sizable collection I was particularly drawn to Massimo D’Azeglio’s ‘Revenge’ and Milgliara Giovanni’s ‘Mortuary Chapel’ and the works of Segantini. There are so many Milanese and Italian artists on display here that it hits home how in visiting international galleries and museums you are only really scratching the surface in viewing the good and the famous and how this gallery (itself a masterpiece of neoclassicism) is a fine example of the background and rich heritage behind the classics and national treasures of Italy.
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