DiLello, longest cocktail party feat. Pretty Green

Pretty Green crowned Drapers Brand of the year!

Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

the ideal model for Pretty Green, Keeley Hazell: I'm obsessed with Britpop

Saturday, October 29, 2011

MILAN - As Liam opened to clothes for girls, there should be someone among them representing the British world.
Who more than Keeley Rebecca M. Hazell, for those who don't know, an English former Page 3 Girl and glamour model of refined beauty from London (Zodiac: Virgo as Liam).
In 2006, Keeley made headlines when ex Chelsea football player Joe Cole, who is into Pretty Green (you remember him, he had to join "Milan fashion giants" but then lost himself in france) was beaten up at a party held at her Grove Park house. She spoke to The Sun, denying rumours surrounding the incident.
Keeley was hailed by Conservative leader David Cameron as an "environmental hero" for her campaigns in The Sun, giving environmental tips such as turning lights off during the day :), about pollution and global warming (it's really hot beside her :).
About the sport we adore, Formula 1, she appearead as B.A.R. British American Racing Honda girl when the driver was our favourite Jenson Button.
It seems we also like football haha. You surely remember her wearing England and Premier League shirts, Manchester
City included.
Of course she's also famous for her topless / nude photos and sexy calendars, but she refused to be totally naked on Playboy.
She released a pop music single called "Voyeur" in 2008.
She's now an actress in California and 2011 saw Keeley take her first lead role in the short film "Venus and the Sun". She also had a small role in "Like crazy". She could be part of Liam's film about the Beatles, from DiLello's book.
About books, she likes "1984", she says: "The negative world that we live in today, controlled by the past and slaves to the future. I want to write an essay on George Orwell’s prophetic, nightmare vision of the future and how it coincides with today’s society. However I don’t think it is necessary, all I have to say is if you haven’t read this book, you should!"
About fashion, she definitely likes Italian sunglasses, Prada, Luella and Marc Jacobs. "I’m not a model, I’m merely an actress who gets paid to pretend to be a model", she says.
About the music we like, a few weeks ago she said: "I’m still obsessed with the 90’s, although I’ve managed to cut down the amount of times I listen to Britpop a day."
She wouldn't agree but we think Keeley is simply perfect.

to be honest, it's not me, we finally found out who's the BIGGEST Oasis fan, lol

mod job for girls and mod songs

Friday, October 28, 2011

MILAN - Pretty Green and being a mod is also about Italian scooters, Milano Lambretta and Vespa.
You remember the Eicma motorbikes exhibition, my sister organizes that event again and she needs girls to work, but they must be quite thin (38-40 Italian size dress), around 10-13 November @ Fiera Rho. Also many foreign girls work for this. marco@miamilan.com 

Paul Weller & Kelly Jones (Stereophonics), Call me n.5

(8-9 November for journalists), 10 to 13 November, the 69th (nice number :) EICMA motorbikes exhibition (or : women exhibition :)), as in the past years.
Already an event for November, so the girls can prepare to work there. And people can plan travels (I know English people who even came to Milan just for single car events).
I don't care about motorbikes at all, but this is a girls exhibition, isn't it? :)
Of course there are all kinds of motorbikes, but we mods (we are mods we are mods we are we are we are mods) are especially interested in Milano Lambretta (name from the river Lambro) and Vespa, that is also in Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green shops.
It's in the same place where Oasis had to perform their last concert ever (fiera Milano-Rho, Expo 2015), Oasis gig now possibly in 2015 as it had to be.
Girls enter for free on Friday 11. My sister is one of the girls working there so I enter for free, so I'm a girl too, lol.
This year it will be dedicated to Marco Simoncelli.

the Eicma motorbike exhibition is showing girls... ah no sorry, it's a motorbike show, lol.
The one on the left here is by Sweet Years, the Milan brand by footballers Maldini and Vieri (and ex girlfriend Melissa Satta), Liam Gallagher met the AC Milan legend when there were rumours of a collaboration for Pretty Green.

"Vespa 50 Special" by Lunapop, this Italian band is the one of the song by Cesare Cremonini "...we love England"... but too much :), in fact they copied "Better day" from Ocean Colour Scene in another song, with even the same title. That's called a cover, darling.

Friday street

Going places (once also covered with Beady Eye's Gem Archer)

The Jam, English rose

...I could add a thousand songs... The Kinks, The Who, etc.

The Who's Quadrophenia exhibition launches at Pretty Green

Thursday, October 27, 2011

LONDON - Vespa and Milano Lambretta. Last night saw the launch of The Who's Quadrophenia exhibition at our flagship store in Carnaby Street.
The night kicked off with a scooter rally down the famous Carnaby Street walk after which guests were allowed into the store to explore the never seen before exhibition.
The Pretty Green Carnaby Street store showcases Pete Townshend's archives of notes, desk diaries, photos and original lyrics from the making of Quadrophenia alongside album artwork and outages. Also a replica Vespa PX has been made to look like the legendary GS from the album shoot.

The exhibition is now open to public (free entry) at the Pretty Green Carnaby Street store (57 Carnaby Street, London, W1F 9QF) and will be available for viewing until 31st January 2012.

The Who's Quadrophenia exhibition opening times:
- Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat: 10.00 - 19:00
- Thu: 10:00 - 20:00
- Sun: 12:00 - 18:00

r.i.p. Marco Simoncelli

(he was from near the seaside) photo: The Who's Quadrophenia Exhibition - Pretty Green Carnaby Street

Paul Weller for Pretty Green again

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

LONDON - British music and fashion icon Paul Weller has designed his second capsule collection in partnership with Pretty Green. 
Following the release of the Spring / Summer capsule collection earlier this year, the second Paul Weller Collection for Pretty Green has ten limited edition items all showcasing Weller’s sharp fashion sense as well as his infamous personal style. 
The collection, which includes a selection of knitwear, tees, footwear, outerwear and a three-piece-suit, is available to buy now. 
Following the success of the first collection, Paul has designed the second collection to run through two seasons. With a tulip collar cotton shirt (£120) and tailored buckle waisted coat (£325) each piece is designed to run through Autumn / Winter and Spring / Summer.
The Paul Weller Collection for Pretty Green includes: Navy Pinstripe 3 Piece Suit, Grey Chalkstripe 3 Piece Suit, Tulip Collar Shirts, a Tulip Collar Coat, Black and Green Vee Neck Lambswool Jumpers, Flared Cuff Crew Neck Tees, Grandad Tees, Grey and Brown Lambswool Tank Tops, Wool Scarves, Brogues and Jazz Shoes (available November 2011).
Paul Weller has designed all items in their entirety, taking inspiration from his own infamous style and the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.
“I enjoyed designing my first capsule collection for Pretty Green and wanted to continue the collaboration by designing a larger range and taking in tailoring, coats, shoes, knitwear and jerseywear that will last from now through til Spring next year. I have taken my inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s and have reflected my own style in the collection."
Paul Weller
click here

Oasis Noeless and timeline

Saturday, October 22, 2011

MILAN - Liam Gallagher opened to Pretty Green clothes for girls and Oasis songs written by Beady Eye members to use in the future.
Here are the songs without Noel, "The Boys in the Bubble (wanna be free)", 1 hour 24 minutes, and featuring Pretty Green. I literally adore n.1,2,3,4,5,7,11,13...

1. Boy with the Blues 
2. I'm outta time 
3. Love like a bomb 
4. Pass me down the wine 
5. To be where there's life 
6. Songbird 
7. Turn up the sun 
8. Born on a different cloud 
9. The quiet ones 
10. Won't let you down 
11. Thank you for the good times 
12. Little James 
13. Hung in a bad place 
14. Better man (early, cooler version from 51:55) 
15. I believe in all 
16. Keep the dream alive 
17. Guess God thinks I'm Abel 
18. Soldier on 
19. Ain't got nothin' 
20. A bell will ring 
21. The meaning of soul 
22. The nature of reality 
23. Eyeball tickler 

the image for "Better man" is the real reason why Oasis split... Noel saying Liam was throwing plums? bullshit. The brothers arguing? bullshit, they argued all their life. It's Sara kissing Liam on the lips... there was something behind...
Noel Gallagher's got a short dick and was cuckolded by Sara. Facts.
I've got it longer... I mean the Oasis timeline :)
As when in May 2000 Liam doubted Anais was his daughter and Noel left the band, meeting Sara in Ibiza in those days, we doubt Donovan is really his son. It's a soap opera.

click to enlarge

20 years, timeline updated. I can see only 1 full line... the "not professional" one... 
Meg Mathews same as Patsy Kensit (clapping-backing vocals) and Paul Weller lead guitar&backing vocals on Champagne Supernova and lead guitar&harmonica on the Swamp Song. Kate Moss tambourine, Johnny Depp slide guitar on Fade in-out and Fade away Warchild version

another prize: Pretty Green scoop 'Best Breakthrough Brand' at WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2011

NEW YORK - (Photo with Eugenia Silva). While Noel Gallagher was selling a pair of terrible Adidas shoes, we are proud to announce Pretty Green has been awarded the 'Best Breakthrough Brand' at the WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2011.
The award ceremony was held at New York's prestigious Gotham Hall and the world's leading retailers & designers in the fashion industry were in attendance. We were delighted to pick up the award which comes after a strong year for Pretty Green in both sales and expansion and highlights its strong success within the menswear market, both in the UK and internationally.
Pretty Green now has seven UK stores in: Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham, Cardiff, Covent Garden and Carnaby Street in London and is set to open an 8th store in Liverpool.
Nigel Grant, Brand Director at Pretty Green comments: “After another strong year for Pretty Green it is great to win the WGSN Global Fashion Award as it further emphasises our intent at being a major player in the fashion industry".
Pretty Green’s win at the WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2011 follows the ‘Best Menswear Brand of the Year’ crown from the Drapers Fashion Awards 2010.

Liam on Pretty Green and music

NEW YORK CITY - Thursday was a big day for Liam Gallagher. In the midst of a tour with current band Beady Eye, the former Oasis frontman has got a lot on his plate right now, including his debut as a film producer for a movie adaptation of The Longest Cocktail Party, a book written by a former Apple Records assistant. His burgeoning career in fashion is also flourishing: last night, his clothing line Pretty Green – which just announced a special Quadrophenia parka collaboration with The Who – won Best Breakthrough International Brand at the WGSN Awards. It's a major achievement for any label, but especially one only 2 years old and helmed by someone with no formal background in design.

Pretty Green is up for a pretty major award tonight. Is it important to you to win?

I was coming through here anyway, since my wife is doing a TV show in Canada and I'm touring down in South America with Beady Eye. But I want people to know I care about this Pretty Green, so I am showing up to support it. You like to win, don't you? But it's not going to make or break my day. We've only been going at it two years, we don't really know what we're doing. We're still winging it – but we're getting better.

Who initiated Pretty Green's collaboration with The Who?

I'm not too sure, I've been on the road. A couple of people in the Who camp had the idea to do the parka for the 40th anniversary of Quadrophenia, and Peter Townshend and Roger Daltrey liked Pretty Green, so we were asked if we were up the collaboration. I said, "yeah, man, without a doubt."

How involved are you in the design process?

We have guys named Pat Salter and Felix Blow that handle all the materials, the design process. I trust them completely. I don't have much to do with that end, but I look at everything. If someone doesn't look cool, we'll have a chat about it. But [Pat] uses his imagination, puts it on the table, and I try it on. If I like it, it stays.

You already have 7 stores in the UK, and more on the way. Any plans to expand to the U.S.?

We'd love to; I'm never really here, but I'd like that. But it's definitely biggest in England.

I assume Pretty Green's popularity corresponds pretty directly to where your music – in Oasis and Beady Eye – has been most popular.

Yeah, that's true. The line's suddenly big in Japan, though. Italy. People really love it in England, though. Of course.

Would you say the line's look is overtly British?

It is, the new stuff's really cool and diverse, though. A lot of it's kind of like Indian caftans and stuff; that's all going down on the Black Label. We're experimenting now.

What's the difference between the Green and Black Labels?

Black Label is the higher-end one. If it was just up to me, it would just be the Black Label, all proper rock & roll gear. But some of the kids can't afford that, so we give them options with the casual Green Label. The Black Label is more suedes, more rock star-ish. Green is jerseys and denim.

Would you do sportswear for Pretty Green?

No, I wouldn't. I did that a lot in the Nineties, but it's time to grow up. It's for kids, man. I haven't worn trainers in ten years.

Has the mainstream fashion audience embraced your line?

I'm not that sure; I don't read that press. I'm sure some have loved it, some have hated it, some don't care. As long as the kids like it, and I like it!

Would you ever present it at London Fashion Week?

I don't think so, man. It's not my vibe.

Have you thought about doing a women's collection for Pretty Green?

Yeah, I'd definitely do a look – not sure I'd do a massive range for girls, but I'm working out how to do a Pretty Green look for women. Girls love the line.

When you started the line, what look were you trying to achieve with it?

The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks, The Small Faces – all that era. 1967 to 1969 bands.

Were other designers – like Paul Smith, for example – an influence on tailoring?

I like Paul Smith, he's pretty cool. I wear his stuff. But I don't look up to anyone. There's always room for more of that rock & roll look to be done right.

Is Pretty Green confident in its own identity as a brand now?

Yeah, man, that's why we're going for it. Changing it up. Weaving, Indian influences. Looking through old Beatles and Stones books for inspiration.

What's a menswear look you disapprove of?

Pointy shoes, skinny pants. That whole look. They look like girls – and then they turn around, and it's a guy with a big nose. Men should look like men, I think.

And who got their look right in your eyes?

George Harrison, Brian Jones, Paul Weller. The Stone Roses looked good when they first came out, and so did the Sex Pistols.

What is Paul Weller's involvement with Pretty Green?

He's been dabbling with the idea of doing his own line for awhile, actually, and I thought it made sense for him to do a collection through Pretty Green, rather than starting from scratch. I think he'll continue to do it; it looks good. I'd also like to bring on other people.

Do you have any other musicians in mind?

Yes – Kasabian, maybe.

You mentioned stopping through the States for a South American tour with Beady Eye. What else is next?

Still on tour, doing the Beady Eye thing, then hopefully, I'll be starting work on a film – a Beatles film. There's a book called The Longest Cocktail Party, written by Richard DeLillo, an Apple Records asssistant in the late Sixties. It's just about his adventures hanging around that scene. I'm producing it as a movie. We're getting in touch with Apple Records to see if we can use some Beatles' songs for the film; if not, we'll do our own special Beady Eye version of them.

How is Beady Eye doing? Feeling good about it?

Good, man. It's all right, man. Good bits, very good bits, and bits where I ask myself, "what the fuck am I doing?" [laughs] We definitely have another record in us. We're writing songs, and we'll go into a studio in February or April. Then try to get in another world tour.

What are your thoughts on the Stone Roses reunion?

Blown away by it, man, can't wait. Favorite band. To the people who say, "oh, they shouldn't get back together," I say "they're not putting a gun to anyone's head, you can buy the tickets if you want them." They can do whatever they want. Go see them in 2012 and don't expect it to be 1989. But that's fine.

Would you want their new record to stick close to their core sound?

Well, I hope they go for that West Coast harmony, like the first album. That's a fucking magical album. I first saw them in 1989; it was the first live show I'd ever been to. Everyone else was into dance music, and I saw them live, and went "this is it." Blown away by it. It inspired me to start Oasis.

Any new bands you like?

I like Cults. All the reverbs, very New York/London vibe. There's a girl singing on it. That's the only new band I can think of I really enjoy. But I'm hard to please, man. I like what I like.

Has what you liked really evolved since you started music?

No. I don't think rock & roll really needs to change. Don't screw with it.

Have you noticed that trends are favoring electronic sounds again?

Yeah, I don't really like it.

Why? You and Noel both have worked with electronic artists.

I know. Noel worked with Chemical Brothers; I worked with Death in Vegas. Richard's cool; they're more garage, than electronic, though, I think. But yeah, there's a place for that. I just always will prefer guitars and drums!

What do you think of the digital age?

People want everything too fast, and now they've got it, so what's next? Something's got to change. I miss the record shops, the physical releases. I miss when being Number One meant something. I used to love to watch the charts, especially at Christmas. Even the crap songs were something you'd remember as a milestone for the year.

Are you feeling the effects of Nineties nostalgia?

Is that a thing? Oh, I guess because of Nevermind and all that. Well, I'm nostalgic everyday. The Stone Roses reunion reminds of that. You need to embrace the now, go in with an open mind. But you never get your youth back. You shouldn't, I guess: you need to move on, grow old, all that. I don't mind getting old – I'm quite interested in age.

Is that something you might discuss lyrically?

No, man, I don't really discuss anything in my lyrics. I don't even think about them. I should, probably!

win an invite to the official launch of The Who's unseen Quadrophenia exhibition

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LONDON - Vespa! Pretty Green recently announced its collaboration with the reissue of The Who's 'Quadrophenia - The Director's cut'.
To mark the collaboration Pretty Green will be showcasing Pete Townshend's archives of notes, desk diaries, photos and original lyrics from the making of Quadrophenia alongside album artwork and outakes in a never seen before exhibition at our flagship store in London's Carnaby Street.
We are offering one lucky fan and a friend the chance to attend the exclusive launch night of The Who's unseen Quadrophenia memorabilia exhibition being showcased in our Carnaby Street Store on Wednesday 26th October (18:30pm - 21:30pm).
All purchases online & in-store from the 18th - 23rd October will be automatically entered into the competition.

Jimmy’s Quadrophenia parka returns with Pretty Green

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LONDON - Pretty Green‚ Liam Gallagher’s clothing label is proud to announce its collaboration with the reissue of The Who’s ‘Quadrophenia - The Director’s cut’.
To mark the collaboration‚ Pretty Green has designed a limited edition parka made legendry by ‘Jimmy’ from the Quadrophenia album cover. The album tells the tale of a young mod and his struggle to come of age in the mid-1960s.
The parka has been an iconic image since the album was released and Pretty Green are excited to revive it. Only 100 are being made and are priced at £500. They will be exclusively available from the Pretty Green Carnaby Street store.
Liam Gallagher says, ‘As I’m a massive fan of The Who, and Quadrophenia being one of my favourite albums of all time, it’s an honour to be associated.’
Pretty Green are also showcasing Pete Townshend’s archives of notes, desk diaries, photos and original lyrics from the making of Quadrophenia alongside album artwork and outtakes in a never been seen before exhibition at their flagship store in London’s Carnaby Street. The launch party is on 26th October and opens to the public on Thursday 27th this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close to Pete Townshend’s work and his inspirations behind the making of the seminal album.

out 14 November
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