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Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

Andy Bell & Liam Gallagher deejays + Marco Zanella

Friday, July 01, 2011

LONDON - (photo above in New York City: Gem, Jeff, Andy's wife and him). From Liam & Andy:
  • George Harrison, Isn’t it a pity (his style also inspired Pretty Green clothes) 
  • Simon & Garfunkel, Scarborough fair 
  • Paul Weller, All I wanna do (is be with you) 
  • The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Little wing 
  • Bee Gees, Every Christian lion-hearted man will show you 
  • The Stone Roses, Sally Cinnamon 
  • The La's, Looking glass 
  • The Jam (Paul Weller), Pretty Green (the name of the brand comes from this song) 
  • The Kinks, The Village Green Preservation Society
  • The Left Banke, Pretty ballerina
  • Love, The red telephone
  • Primal Scream, Loaded
  • Sex Pistols, God save the Queen

And here is my compilation, after Noel's and Liam's with Andy. 
I was wondering, if the songs picked by them could say something about their personality... sure. 
Here are my favourites, it wasn't easy to choose 'cause there were many. 
Noel 12, Liam+Andy 13, so me 14 :) 
I put some images and videos. 
  • George Harrison, "Wah wah" (final Harrison-Formula 1 photos). 'And I know how sweet life can be, if I keep myself free' :) 
  • Bee Gees, "Stayin' alive", oh mamma mia I've seen my father's photos in the '70s, he was dressed the same ahaha (Stallone director and John Travolta actor, both of Italian origins, as the protagonist Tony Manero ^_^ ... I could also put something from Rocky Balboa-Stallone the Italian Stallion ^_^ but there's more than enough here about movies, at least 4 songs, with several films)
  • The Five Stairsteps (from Milan's sister city Chicago) - associated with Curtis Mayfield and George Harrison, "We must be in love" (these first three songs have something in common in the music :) ...photos: those American sculptures of love in Milan, by Robert Indiana.
  • Paul Weller, "Going places" (once performed live with Beady Eye's Gem). My double Paul, double when he was young :)
  • The Verve, "Valium skies" (many memories...) When I was depressed I would have chosen "Velvet morning" or "History", great songs (the second one a bit copied from the poem London by William Blake)
  • Stereophonics, "Nothing precious at all" (one of my favourites to sing with rough voice & play by guitar... Some Formula 1 images with Stereophonics in Monza. 'She takes photographs of American cars' :). It's a great album, I wanted to pick also "You stole my money honey". The Gallaghers didn't choose any, though they're close friends)
  • Ennio Morricone, "Once upon a time in the West" (there would be so many, inspiration for Noel's melodies, I picked this one 'cause on Oasis first cd there was a western spaghetti film by Sergio Leone, The Good the Bad and the Ugly - with his music. He wrote something like 300 films soundtracks... fucking legend, seen some concerts even on the expensive front row - I didn't pay :)
  • The Queen, "In the lap of the Gods" (live version, shivers! Wembley 86, also best live act... do you remember the competition "Wembley's greatest event"? I knew, the "internet crowd" elected Muse, ah! What a fucking shame. This is proof the new generation only looks at themselves and not at the huge past... big mistake. They even think they could change people's opinions, while I don't care and I just insult them, lol)
  • The Who, "Baba O'Riley" (though it isn't in the film Quadrophenia. I put Pretty Green beginning in Milan and some images from films of those times, that are my favourites, Wonderwall feat. Jane Birkin, 2 by Michelangelo Antonioni, Blow-up with her and Zabriskie Point, one is the Swinging London, fashion and Milano Lambretta, the mods, the other is rock inside the film... and here's there's more than one explosion with fire, as at the end of the song Rockin' chair, see below)
  • Richard Ashcroft, "World keeps turning" (one of my favourites to sing... I find myself very comfortable singing his tunes. Noel and Liam didn't pick any by him though they love him, so I picked 2 :), one with the Verve, as in Liam+Andy compilation there were 2 by Weller. By the Modfather I would also pick The Jam's English rose, or something from The Style Council. Here I put a photo of Richard on Barcelona Formula 1 circuit)
  • The Smashing Pumpkins (another band from Chicago :), "Whir" (many memories...)
  • The Beatles, "Free as a bird" (though Noel's favourite song ever is Ticket to ride, it's both Noel's and Liam's favourite band but they didn't pick any by them, so I do :). And on an Oasis podium I would put also "Whatever", so I chose this one somehow similar, also because of the repeated 'free'). Notice at the beginning during the interview to the 3 Beatles there's a poster of Senna on McLaren behind. I can't see well, it's about the 1993 car if I'm not wrong, but the interview should be about '95-'96.
  • Oasis, "Rockin' chair" (difficult to choose between this and "Stay young", so I picked the one with a deeper meaning. That is also the question if it's better to stay young or wise :). Reminds me of England and my Brit island Minorca. Final fire burning the pier in Weston-super-Mare of 1995 Rockin' chair cover image, in 2008 one year before the spit of Oasis, announcing it... you remember, the "curse of Oasis covers". I put a final image with a "new generation".... Only one thing is missing: you remember, when I was "immersed in nature", the butterfly with eyes on her wings in August 2009 announcing me the end of Oasis... and the future with Beady..Eye :)
  • Led Zeppelin, "The rain song" (I wrote enough about this, also in the film Almost famous, but to me the best conveivable in music in the unledded version with orchestra). Here too, the Gallaghers love them but didn't pick any tune. Keeping the nice video in the nature, I changed the audio, and it fits very well (when it doesn't, it didn't fit also in the movie "The song remains the same").

As you notice in the one hour long video, this time I didn't put almost anything about football :), maybe just the final "some might say we will find a brighter day" from Manchester City fans, but it's an Oasis quote :)
So here I add some "on the bench" :)
Paolo Nutini, Suede, Kasabian, Harry Nilsson ("Everybody's talkin' ", from the great film "Midnight cowboy", from those same times above, inspiring Oasis' Turn up the sun by Andy), Pink Floyd ("Shine on you crazy diamond"), The Beach Boys (Aschcroft would pick "God only knows", the 'perfect song according to him), The Kinks ("Victoria" or "Shangri-La" picked by Noel), David Bowie ("Heroes" also covered by Oasis, "Absolute beginners" etc.), Ocean Colour Scene ("Better Day"), Pulp ("Disco 2000", "Something changed", etc.), something to remember the '80s but published in the recent years: Keane ("This is the last time", "Sunshine", etc.), Glasvegas ("Flowers & football tops", "Lonesome swan", etc.) and from the '80s: Spandau Ballet, The Smiths ("The boy with the thorn in his side", "This charming man", etc.), still The Rolling Stones ("Start me up") and as last song: where I took inspiration for my voice when I used to sing, Kim Carnes ("Bette Davis eyes").

Think about your favourites :)
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