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Pretty Green beginning

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Friday, January 07, 2011

GLASGOW - Liam Gallagher, wearing a black trilby hat, khaki parka and drainpipe trousers, was surrounded by photographers and fans as he visited a new clothing store in Glasgow today. The menswear label, which is heavily-influenced by 60s art, music and culture, counts footballers Joe Cole and AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini, boxer Amir Khan and Kasabian’s lead singer Tom Meighan among its fans.
The Beady Eye singer looked frustrated with the camerman as he arrived at the Pretty Green shop for the first time since it opened last month.
It is the third outlet for Gallagher’s side-project, and is his first in Scotland.
A large crowd greeted the singer outside the store, with one fan holding a portrait of Gallagher and his brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel.
In an interview earlier this week, Gallagher revealed that Pretty Green would soon offer capes and leopard print blazers.
Liam was pleased to be back in Glasgow, a city he has fond memories of, as his old band Oasis was discovered in Glasgow pub King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. He had returned north of the border to open a new clothing store Pretty Green.
He said: “It’s good to be back in Glasgow. We got signed here, that’s where it all began for us.”
The store is the first of its kind in Scotland and like it's sister stores in London and Manchester it sells only Liam’s Pretty Green clothing range. The store which is on Ingram Street has proven popular with customers since its opening in December 2010.
When asked why he opened a store in Scotland Liam said: “Why not? I like Scotland in general, people like the same things football, music, they like a little drink or two. So why not?”
The line is designed by Liam and respected menswear designer Nick Holland. The name Pretty Green comes from a Jam song written by influential singer Paul Weller. The range itself is inspired greatly by 60’s culture and the mod movement of that era.
Liam said: “[The clothing line is] 60s, mod influenced. It’s smart but not fairy smart, it’s worn in smart. Me and Nick Holland design it, he comes round my house and we sit there and go through the wardrobe and see what’s had its time. We design in that kind of style.”
Many fans turned out to see Liam at his new store where he chatted and signed autographs for them. Liam was quick to point out his clothing line is for everyone and that he will keep going as long as people want to wear his designs.
He said: “If people don’t like it we close it and move on, if people like it we stay here. I’m not gonna ram it down people’s throats, if people like it we’ll carry on.”
Liam started a new band Beady Eye with his ex-Oasis band mates, they have been working on a new album called Different Gear, Still Speeding and have an upcoming tour. The tour starts with two nights in Glasgow at The Barrowlands.
Liam said: “The album is done, all the videos are done and we start rehearsing next week for a month. I am excited about it it’s nice to get back in the ring, that’s where I belong singing songs. The gigs are on sale, we start at The Barrowlands, we’re excited, we’re loud and it’s rocking”.
Liam doesn’t think the fans have too much to worry about with the style of music they have been playing he doesn’t think it is that different from what they created with Oasis. There are obviously some changes but Liam is really happy with what Beady Eye has become.
He said: “I don’t think it’s that different. It’s a little bit different but I wouldn’t say it’s that different. I’m still singing the way I sing, the band are still playing guitars the way they do. We’re still having it”.
It’s for the fans to decide though in Liam’s opinion, he pointed out: “It’s not for me it’s for other people to say if it’s different or not. It feels different obviously because Noel is not there but it doesn’t feel that different to me when the microphone is in front of me I’m ready to go.”
When asked if brother Noel wears his clothes he joked “probably”. He and his brother are not in touch at the moment, he said: “I’ve not spoken to him but I’m sure he’s happy in his little world. He does his thing and I do mine.”

Liam has revealed that he's a big fan of Buckfast - after trying the tonic wine when he was NINE.
"I love Glasgow, it's great. When I was nine, I tried Buckfast for the first time. I still love it now."
He made a beeline for disabled Harry Johnston, who just happened to be passing, and gave him a big hug.
Thrilled Harry said: "He cuddled me and said, 'All right, wee man?' I was flabbergasted."
Liam's notorious for his boozefuelled tantrums and rows with brother Noel but fans said he was in great spirits yesterday.
Plasterer Martin Rush, 30, of Cumbernauld, said: "Liam was on really good form."
Martin's girlfriend Kim, 28, of Glasgow, added: "He was full of smiles, not like you usually see in the papers. I got cuddles and kisses from him."
Paul Hannah, 24, from Coatbridge, and his girlfriend Cara Urban, 19, met Gallagher.
Cara said: “Paul told him that I’m having a baby this Sunday and he congratulated us and gave us a cuddle: I’m overwhelmed by it.”
Paul added: “I can’t believe it. That’s made my year – and the baby will make it even better. He’s my hero.”
The 4080 square foot shop, housed in the former GPO building has a six-month lease.
Store manager Raymond Meade said: “It’s been hectic, we didn’t expect the turnout that we got. Liam was in good spirits and on good form – he loved the shop. He said he’s looking forward to seeing us again.”

Unit 3
GPO Building
Ingram Street
Glasgow G1

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