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Pretty Green beginning

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Monday, March 21, 2011

MILAN - Beady Pretty Italy. Today it's spring. Remember this Pretty Green Italy blog (but of course it's not only about Italy), where are the main posts about it since the beginning of Pretty Green (11 March 2009 in Milan, the 2nd "birthday" was some days ago, though Pretty Green officially celebrates its birthdays on the official launch day, 9 June, that is also my birthday), so it's easier to read the articles about it, with less stuff around, bigger images, etc.  
soon I'm gonna remove the "blogspot" and add more old stuff and make some changes, as in a few time there's gonna be a shop in Milan too (let's say months...first New York and Japan, they're far away so they need a shop there). You know, posts, comments and all can be easily "transferred" from a web to another one. 
By the way, I'm still enthusiastic as when we anticipated Beady Eye @ Venice Heineken festival on 9 June, and it seems they will be there.
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