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Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green team preparing clothes for Liam's film

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

LONDON - Photo: Emily working at Pretty Green.
Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green is no ordinary celebrity brand.
Forget cheap fabrics and logo T-shirts, Pretty Green is making a name for itself as a credible menswear brand where the bottom line is always quality.
Since its launch in June 2009 the brand has gone from strength to strength, with sales steadily increasing despite the recession.
We decided to find out what's so special about Pretty Green, so we caught up with two of the brand's key people: Nick Holland, design director, and Dean West, global sales manager.

Read our Q&A with Nick and Dean for an inside view on the success story that is Pretty Green. Celebrity designers in the making, take note:

How would you sum up the Pretty Green brand?
DEAN: It's Liam Gallagher's contemporary British heritage brand which takes its influences directly from streetwear culture from the past.

How well do think it reflects Liam's personal style?
DEAN: It's very much his signature. It's got his DNA written all over it you can see him wearing absolutely every piece. The black label is much more at the pointy end of fashion and that reflects Liam at his most fashionable, and green label is very much him looking casual. There isn't a piece in the collection that he wouldn't wear himself.
NICK: What is great about Pretty Green is that it regularly references Liam’s iconic style without being controlled by it. The 1960s mod scene is a huge influence for the Green Label. The Black Label takes this look and translates it into a highly tailored product which is contemporary with a foot in the past but also in the present day. The Pretty Green customer likes to dress sharp, stylish and is not influenced by fashion trends, preferring classic, strong styles and high quality fabrics.

How involved is Liam in the design process?
NICK: Liam is involved in every stage of the process when it comes to the designing both the Green and Black Label Collections. It's a simple yes or no. It's in or it's out, if it's right it's in, if it's not it's out. You know exactly where you stand - Liam knows exactly what he wants and is very particular about what is put in the final collections - down to the minutest detail… Liam has a great eye for what will work and what will not.

What is Liam like to work with?
NICK: Liam is a pleasure to work with. He is punctual, funny and extremely passionate about Pretty Green, and is very decisive in what he wants from the end product, which helps greatly and saves time and money. We are starting to look into clothes for the film he is doing, The Longest Cocktail Party, which Pretty Green are providing the styling for. Liam knows what's right and wrong and the team of researchers we have onboard should make it a great project for Pretty Green to be involved with.

What's the secret of Pretty Green's success?
NICK: We aren't endorsed by a celebrity, Liam owns the company as the major shareholder so there is a difference, I believe. I also strongly believe it's down to a fantastic team involved with Pretty Green who are without doubt experts in their fields and highly driven to succeed which is critical to succeed.
DEAN: We've captured the hearts and minds of the nation and the boys in this country. Everywhere that sells it is flying it out. People are asking for it all the time. I think it just encapsulated the whole of that look that the British lads like to wear.

What's next for the brand?
NICK: This year we opened pop-up stores in Carnaby Street, Manchester and Glasgow and I know we are looking to expand into other cities in 2011. My department is Design, there is a whole team who strategise about where we are going next, but I do anticipate 2011/2012 being exciting times in Pretty Green.
DEAN: We've got a footwear collection coming out early 2011, we've got shades coming out and we've got more accessories coming.

So is there a chance Pretty Green will branch into womenswear? Nick told us: "We may release a capsule collection next year but currently focused on menswear."

Here's hoping…

by Rebecca Cox

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