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Monday, January 03, 2011

MILAN - More about how to dress for a Beady Eye concert. Similar to Oasis fan Katy Perry :)
Jealous people and haters said Beady Eye are a band useful just to promote Liam's clothes. Nice idea...here we go, lol !

Tips to dress like a Mod.
In the sixties, mod boys dressed in suits, neat narrow trousers, and pointed shoes. Mod girls displayed a boyish image, wearing their hair short (fringe hairstyle as Oasis) to fit a unisex type of culture. So Pretty Green, being clothes for boys only, could be used by girls too :)
Be inspired by British youth fashion of the 1960s and interpret the look for today to dress like a Mod. Indulge in color, short skirts and dresses in wild patterns. Look for clothing that hit the United States during the British cultural invasion and has never completely gone home. Be sexy, young and futuristic (as Milan futurism :) as defined by Mod fashions.
Classic Mod’s include singer Ian Brown and Oasis group member Liam Gallagher who are both from Manchester and wear the Mod look perfectly.
Buy mod-related clothing items such as slim cut suits, a green vintage US Army fishtail parka. These can be bought on Pretty Green site of course, or also on eBay (my new profile is called "eBeadyEye" :) and even your local vintage or second hand store. Or your original military parka if you were a soldier as me :). Second hand always looks better than bought brand new. It has a story to tell and the worn in look is ideal for creating that Mod style.
But a parka for the concerts, being in March, could be too warm in Italy and Spain. So you could wear something lighter by Pretty Green.
Buy a skintight pair of drainpipe pants for a unisex Mod look. Drainpipe pants are tight from the waist to the ankle with a hipster or low-rise waist. Purchase “skinny jeans” from mainstream retailers to copy this Mod fashion.
Wear miniskirts, go-go boots and headbands. Choose fashion that screams youth and sex appeal-the foundations of the 1960s British fashion scene. Purchase go-go boots in a variety of colors from online and major fashion retailers.
Look for short, shift or A-line dresses with bold, geometric Mod patterns. Wear Winklepicker shoes for a high fashion touch. Find women’s Winklepicker shoes at select Mod retailers.
Finish your Mod look with scarves or jewelry inspired by modern art. Stay warm with a brightly colored pea coat or stay dry with a glossy rain trench coat. Another Mod accessory is tights and half boots. Remember your sun glasses (RayBan from Milan as Liam's), which need to be large, round and plastic.
Apply heavy eyeliner and false eyelashes for a fashionable Mod look. Use white eye shadow or lipstick. Adapt the make-up trends of the early 1960s for today.
You can also buy a Milano Lambretta or Vespa motor scooter. Lambretta is the iconic Italian brand of the Mod culture. The nationalist red-blue-white logo is recognizable all over the world.
Listen to mod-related music such as modern jazz, R&B, soul, 1960s mod bands like The Who and The Small Faces, or mod revival bands like The Jam and Secret Affair.
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