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Pretty Green beginning

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

LONDON - Liam Gallagher plans to include capes in his next clothing range for his label Pretty Green.
The former Oasis frontman launched his debut fashion line Pretty Green in 2009 and while it initially included "timeless, classic clobber" such as parkas, blazers, shirts and desert boots, Liam is keen to expand it this year.
He said of the label: "We're only gonna get better. We're gonna be the boys for the next 20 years or however long we want to go for. But it's not all about parkas and desert boots, I don't know where we gonna go, but we'll go there. But this year we're doing capes and everything - the lot. "
Liam also revealed he is determined for Pretty Green to become an international success while staying true to its roots.
He said in a video interview: "I've always loved clothes - music and clothes go hand-in-hand. I got the opportunity to do this, I don't remember when or how, but I'm gonna give it my all as I do everything. I want to make it really big and take it all around the world and for it to go everywhere, but at the same time I want it to remain underground and that'll be the hardest thing to do. Because you want to give people what they want but at the same time you've got to be selfish."
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