DiLello, longest cocktail party feat. Pretty Green

Pretty Green crowned Drapers Brand of the year!

Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green night video

Thursday, December 16, 2010

LONDON - Pretty Green Presents the official video from Tom Meighan's in-store DJ event and the Pretty Green Club Night. 
Tom speaks about his first encounter with Liam Gallagher and his admiration for Pretty Green from his exclusive in-store DJ event at the Pretty Green store in Carnaby Street.
We also have footage from the Pretty Green Club Night on 26th November 2010 at The Garage, London. Liam Gallagher discusses the success of the club night, the beginning of Pretty Green and his own style inspirations. A host of other famous faces including Eddie Pillar, Andy Bell, Paul Gallagher, Martin Freeman and Gem Archer discuss Pretty Green and how music has inspired their own styles. Fans outside the event get a moment to speak about what makes Pretty Green unique to them.
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