DiLello, longest cocktail party feat. Pretty Green

Pretty Green crowned Drapers Brand of the year!

Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green-Hollywood Milano club night?

Saturday, October 09, 2010

MILAN - So, after the djing days inside the shop, Pretty Green is gonna have its first club night event in London. Probably more to follow in the near future. Of course many people around the world would like to go, but many can't, 'cause they're far away. I'm trying to put the basis for one in Milan, but it might depend on many people deciding, and taking some time. I remember Liam saying more than one time that after London he would have done a Pretty Green party in Milan (before all, Pretty Green began in Milan, 11 March 2009). Of course he's the boss and he decides. He's already been in Milan so many times, and also at Hollywood, the main club here (new events soon, here are some from last year).
Also, waiting for a Pretty Green shop here someday, he would be delighted to have one in the first city of fashion.

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