DiLello, longest cocktail party feat. Pretty Green

Pretty Green crowned Drapers Brand of the year!

Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

military Greatest Frontman Of All Time Liam Gallagher in New York City

Friday, March 26, 2010

NEW YORK CITY - As part of the Pretty Green $USD launch, Liam has travelled to New York to talk about fashion and his lifelong love of classic British style with radio shows and newspapers.
As well as enjoying New York City, Liam was a guest on 1019RXP to talk about the inspiration behind Pretty Green and how decades of being a rock n’ roll style icon brought about the Pretty Green collection. You can view the interview at 1019RXP.COM, or on Youtube - PART 1, PART 2, and PART 3.
The new Pretty Green website is now live and, as well as introducing a range of new products, US style fans can now shop in US dollars.
We’ll have more news from Liam’s trip to New York including the upcoming coverage of Liam and Pretty Green in the New York Times Style Section, New York Post, Nylon Guys, Blackbook and T.

military camo parka

Liam (recent photo in Japan) has been named the Greatest Frontman Of All Time by readers of Q Magazine. No argument from us.
When he's on stage, he commands your attention whether it be snarling out every word with limitless passion or challenging the audience to a staring out match (which he always wins!). His trademark stance - leaning up towards the mic, arms behind his back - is known the world over and has become iconic in its own right. And we literally have no idea how many tambourines he's got through over the years!
But all of this takes a backseat when it comes to the music. Put simply, he has one of the most distinctive and powerful voices in rock and roll.
We have our favourite performances of his and we're sure you have yours too so why not crank them up and raise a glass to him!
from Oasis official site www.oasisinet.com

Liam: if they were good for the cowboys, then they’re fucking good for me

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Milan 11 March 2009 - 11 March 2010: Pretty Green.

I’ve always been into clothes, and I take inspiration from so many people. Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones and George Harrison from the Beatles looked cool; Paul McCartney always looked like a nerd, but we forgave him for that because he had a top voice and wrote top tunes; Jimi Hendrix always looked pretty wild, which I liked. Kids these days, they don’t really know that period. I started my own label, Pretty Green, with the hope of bringing late-’60s British classics to the masses.
There’s nothing modern here—it’s not a ’90s line. I came up with the idea while sitting around the pool one day with not a lot to do. It was just shoes at first. I got a few guys to help me, and now we’ve done a deal with Clarks. No huge changes, just making them a bit more mine: lower the heel here, do this there. So that was cool. Then I realized I could really start making clothes. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not doing anything new with these clothes. But I am tweaking it a bit. When I get it right, it feels really good. And it means I don’t have to buy new clothes anymore.
Here’s the thing about jeans: You can go around the block and get all these new designs, but you always come back to Levi’s. I check out what’s new and what’s out there, but it’s always about Levi’s. All this True Religion shit—I don’t want to start going off, but I don’t like designer jeans. Stick with Wrangler jeans. If they were good enough for the cowboys, then they’re fucking good enough for me. D’you know what I mean? I feel really good at the moment. If I weren’t doing Pretty Green, or working on this new record, I’d probably be sitting around being pretty bitter. But life’s too short.

Liam Gallagher


a recent pic of Liam in Japan this week, promoting Pretty Green


This is the funny automatic translation :))

Cover the next issue, all talk about Liam!
So, the cover of yesterday's interview was Gallagher Liam! ! !
Liam played an urgent visit capture, capture success Long Interview!
Liam was the purpose of this visit is mainly to promote the pretty green,
Originally "any music magazine interview NG" was said.
But now, words of Liam is thought should be delivered to the fans than anyone else loves oasis,
Green understands me pretty well and Liam staff about it, OK it came out.
And speaking before "in the main story of Pretty Green" and had been reminded, and
Talk about music, talking about Oasis, Noel Naa I talk about how much more difficult訊Ki Nante,
Naa Because I'm coming to Japan to talk Pretty Green ... Even Nante,
Until the interview but I've been fretting over it,
Here is a story, not to shake once you start,
Also talk about music, the story of an oasis, the story of Noel, the story of the future and told me all.
A little surprised.
Golgo 13 Liam disappeared clean and skinny fir give word of the mantle is very cool.
若返Tsu was more reliably at last year's Fuji Rock.
Hisashi we sat taking pictures, and I think I have them cleaning up hope.
The magazine also has appeared for Liam CUT!
Photo galleries will be organized to Supasutairisshu fashion.
For here is CUT step article will be up to enjoy the sequel to the Osa Utida Editing blog.
Liam is in a good humor rarely seen in recent years,
亙Tta a long time while shooting, even during the interview亙Tta a long time
Ultra-high tension, ultra-professional looking.
Now anyway, talk to Liam訊Kubeki not think that I almost訊Ke tan.
Liam Gallagher said it all locking on April 1 on Sale!

Acquiesce, with Japanese actors

Milan Samurai

Japan is a glorious land for both Milan and Oasis, we won World Cups there, becoming the most successful club in the world football history. Now we lost 4-0 against Manchester United, but that's football, we lost also in Japan some years ago, against Boca Juniors of Tevez, now at Manchester City.
The warriors never give up, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti from Milan Futurism said maternity is for women what war is for men... it's a Mussolini quote (war is to man what maternity is for a woman), one can avoid it but it would be unnatural...
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