DiLello, longest cocktail party feat. Pretty Green

Pretty Green crowned Drapers Brand of the year!

Pretty Green store opening in London, Carnaby Street

Pretty Green beginning

Pretty Green beginning

Blow-up by M.Antonioni

Saturday, December 25, 2010

LONDON - In these days I'm meeting models (they go mad for Milan), so today Christmas day dedicated to an old-fashioned movie (year 1966 England world champion), I watched again the film Blow-up :) by Michelangelo Antonioni, the Italian director who inspired Oasis with his film Zabriskie Point (see this old post), produced by near-Milan-born Carlo Ponti (Sophia Loren husband).
The actors are interesting people: David Hemmings (also on Dario Argento's "Profondo Rosso", Deep Red, the scariest film I ever seen), the English (and not french :) Jane Birkin (first frontal nude at cinema), Vanessa Redgrave, and my favourite musician, the immense Jimmy Page (and Noel agrees :)
My favourite director is Alfred Hitchcock, and there's a bit of him in Blow-up, some mystery, and also a bit of Swinging London which reminded me of Carnaby Street and Pretty Green.
The final scene in a field is meaningful, as the Beatles said: Strawberry fields, nothing is real.
Blow-up also inspired Brian De Palma film Blow Out with John "Tony Manero" Travolta :)

"I thought you were supposed to be in Paris"... Veruschka, model on drugs: "I am in Paris" ahahaha

Jane Birkin & Gillian Hills, Oasis fringe hairstyle :)

Pretty Green as Oasis: most popular in Italy & Japan

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MILAN - The rock star’s Pretty Green brand has swaggered into the menswear market, landing a Drapers Award. But the Oasis frontman is sure it won’t be a one-hit wonder.
I don’t do offices, mate. I’m not Ricky Gervais,” says Liam Gallagher, instantly brushing aside claims by his colleagues that he spends about a day a week in the HQ of Pretty Green, the menswear label he founded 18 months ago (beginning in Milan 21 months ago) and was now named Drapers Menswear Brand of the Year.
Instead, the Oasis frontman and Manchester icon gets involved with the design process at his kitchen table. “Me and [creative director] Nick Holland sit down at my house, and go through fabrics and styles. Nothing goes out unless I approve it,” he says. “I’ve always been interested in clothes, so to own my own label is very special.”
It’s an amusing image - this rock ‘n’ roll bad boy using his hands to finger swatches instead of flicking V signs at the paparazzi - but if Pretty Green chief executive Richard Ralph is to be believed, Gallagher’s “approval” doesn’t quite cover it.
“It’s more collaborative than that. Liam has a very strong sense of style himself,” he says. “Nick is the facilitator if you like. Liam is very meticulous about the details of things: Does the zip look right? Are the buttons right? Are the colours of the buttons right?”
Whoever is responsible - Gallagher, Holland or a harmonious combination of the two - Pretty Green’s sophisticated cut and attention to detail is what makes the label stand out and has silenced the sceptics who assumed Gallagher’s label would be just another in a line of disastrous celebrity-led clothing brands.
Pretty Green’s casualwear sub-brand Green Label is characterised by branded buttons and nods to the 1960s, but its premium sub-brand Black Label is where Holland’s background as a traditional tailor [he founded men’s suiting brand Holland Esquire] really comes into play.
The Drapers Award is a validation of this, says Gallagher. “I’m made up. It makes me feel like we are doing something right.”

Quality counts
Mark Bage, owner of York premium independent Sarah Coggles, which does a brisk trade in the Black Label range, agrees: “It is exceptionally good quality and really well designed. Nick’s technical expertise means they haven’t gone for standard fit. They’ve really thought about who is wearing it.” According to Bage, Black Label is favoured by “macho” men, whose butch frames don’t necessarily suit the nipped-in waists and genteel styling of Italian labels.
It’s perhaps surprising then that Pretty Green’s best-performing territories outside the UK are Italy and Japan - neither of them known for the butch physiques of their male populations (but usually Italians are "butch" in other physical characteristics, lol) - but according to Ralph, Gallagher’s followers in those countries “are even more committed than in the UK”.
For a rock ‘n’ roll icon, Gallagher took a surprisingly un-rock ‘n’ roll route to launching Pretty Green. He and his long-standing security adviser Steve Allen had been discussing the potential for a clothing line on the 2008 Oasis tour and, when it ended, tapped up former Microsoft executive Nigel Grant to help them raise investment and assemble their dream team.
Holland was hired to focus on the product and Ralph, who as former chief financial officer at IT firm Ubiquity Software Corporation had no experience in fashion but plenty in accounting, was put in charge of steering the ship. Gallagher, who retains a majority stake in the company (the remainder is split between management and unnamed investors), is the frontman.
“It’s been good. Met some nice people, it moves a lot faster than the music,” he says of the transition to fashion.
The plan worked. Pretty Green has turned over about £4m in the 18 months since its launch, smack bang in the middle of the recession, and is currently breaking even. It expects to move into profit next year.
About half of that revenue comes via Pretty Green’s retail website, and the remainder from its wholesale business, which has about 100 UK stockists, including Sarah Coggles and Selfridges, and a further 30 or so overseas.
Pretty Green is also branching into bricks-and-mortar retail. It opened its first pop-up shop on London’s Carnaby Street in July and two more - in Manchester’s King Street and Ingram Street in Glasgow.
Overall, 30% of Pretty Green’s business comes from 80 territories overseas, and that proportion looks set to grow next year as Pretty Green focuses on international expansion. “[I’m after] world domination. I want PG to be global without losing its roots,” says Gallagher.

Big fanbase
Pretty Green may have some way to go in India though. At a recent meeting with Tata - India’s industrial giant which owns everything from department stores to lorry factories - one of the executives confused Pretty Green with fashion’s other PG, and congratulated Ralph on the success of his “Philip Green menswear brand”.
This would be annoying for most menswear brands, but it’s perhaps a mark of success for Pretty Green to have its celebrity associations overlooked.
Gallagher says: “Having me fronting things can go one of two ways. There are people who get me, and there are people that don’t. But the clothes speak for themselves.”
It will be a challenge to manage this balance between the Pretty Green and Gallagher ‘brands’ while chasing growth, but Ralph says the company is committed to a slow and steady approach that will allow this.
This is why, for example, Pretty Green will probably not launch a womenswear collection, as has been widely mooted, until around this time next year.
Says Ralph: “We’ve had discussions but if and when we do [womenswear] it will be a case of moving into it slowly, by doing a capsule collection to start off with. We have great momentum as a brand but it’s very easy to drift off into popular [product] areas and lose your creative direction that way. We are keen to make sure the right time and effort will go into each item.”
The naysayers had better watch out. It turns out that Gallagher, the unlikely fashion mogul, is serious about product and is in it for the long haul.

Corgi taxi limited edition

Friday, December 17, 2010

LONDON - To celebrate the opening of the first Pretty Green retail store on London's Carnaby Street, a traditional taxi was adorned in the iconic custom paisley design.
This taxi has been faithfully reproduced as a 1:36th scale Corgi model. This limited edition run of just 1,000 individually numbered pieces comes in a specially designed Corgi collectors box.
To accompany the model, illustrator David Tazzyman was commissioned to design an accompanying t-shirt. This has been printed in 12 colours on a Black Label, 100% Egyptian Cotton Tee. Click here for other photos.

Pretty Green night video

Thursday, December 16, 2010

LONDON - Pretty Green Presents the official video from Tom Meighan's in-store DJ event and the Pretty Green Club Night. 
Tom speaks about his first encounter with Liam Gallagher and his admiration for Pretty Green from his exclusive in-store DJ event at the Pretty Green store in Carnaby Street.
We also have footage from the Pretty Green Club Night on 26th November 2010 at The Garage, London. Liam Gallagher discusses the success of the club night, the beginning of Pretty Green and his own style inspirations. A host of other famous faces including Eddie Pillar, Andy Bell, Paul Gallagher, Martin Freeman and Gem Archer discuss Pretty Green and how music has inspired their own styles. Fans outside the event get a moment to speak about what makes Pretty Green unique to them.

Liam Gallagher: I like that Balotelli geezer, that Mario dude. He's top, he's smart

Friday, December 10, 2010

MANCHESTER - On his return home to Manchester, Liam Gallagher tells Peter Fraser about the Premier League title race, Lionel Messi and that 'geezer' Mario Balotelli.
"Hmmm, don't know, man. The usual," said Liam Gallagher as he considered Manchester City's winter transfer options in the glamorous setting of his new Pretty Green fashion boutique on its opening day in his hometown.
Another try for Kaka, he has been injured? "No, not him, man. The usual, little (Lionel) Messi. He's good," added the former Oasis frontman from beneath the rim of his fedora hat before breaking off to compliment a photographer on her scarf clad in his beloved club's colours.
'He's good' was perhaps somewhat of a play-down assessment of Barcelona and Argentina's mercurial No.10. But it epitomises the throwaway, carefree manner that fans who once worshipped the likes of Uwe Rosler and Shaun Goater can now refer to a World Player of the Year, which has of course been the case ever since Sheikh Mansour's billions rolled into town in 2008.
The bar has been raised. And what of expectations this season? Can 'noisy neighbours' City upset the established order of Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United, Carlo Ancelotti's defending champions Chelsea or Arsene Wenger's Arsenal in the Premier League this season?
Now Beady Eye star Liam, who releases the group's debut album, 'Different Gear, Still Speeding', at the end of February before going on tour in March, said: "Do I think we can win the title? Yeah, without a doubt. Whether we do or not is another thing. But I think we can, we're getting there."
He added: "I like that Balotelli geezer, that Mario dude. He's top, he's smart."
But there is of course trouble brewing at City. Pictures of 'that Balotelli geezer' involved in a training ground bust-up with Jerome Boateng could be compared to the in-house Britpop clashes of Liam and older brother and former Oasis band-mate, Noel, while only last weekend captain Carlo Tevez was involved in an unwanted touchline row with manager Roberto Mancini.


Did Liam think such seditious events might undermine the greater cause? "Who knows? But Tevez is a star and all. He's doing well," he said.
"Like Mancini says, you don't want people coming off the pitch, they want to stay on."
Skysports.com had been lucky enough to grab a rare, quick football chat with Liam after receiving the honour of an invite to the glittering, Champagne curtain-raiser of his plush Pretty Green pop-up store on Manchester's trendy King Street.
One of the most iconic members of rock 'n' roll's history has founded and designed the clothing label in his own mould of style, swagger and stellar impact, which has already led to the huge success of a flagship branch that took up residence on London's famed Carnaby Street in the summer.
Another pop-up store in Glasgow, the city where Oasis were first spotted by original label, Creation Records, in 1993, has also opened to give further indication that the venture into fashion is proving a shrewd decision.
It is easy to see why. In an understated location among atmospheric buildings that mirror the Pretty Green Mod inspiration of the art and music of the 1960s, the Manchester store is about as slick as it gets.
It is a homecoming for Liam, who was born in the city's Burnage neighbourhood, and he has described the project as an "absolute privilege". He is determined to make it a success and, if looks are anything to go by, it will not be a disappointment.

Liam on his Milano Lambretta
Unbelievable poise

Stepping through the glass doors of the Kings Street branch of Pretty Green, you are greeted by premises of unbelievable poise. This is the brainchild of a man who is Cool Britannia epitomised, a hero of a generation and beyond, the voice behind the anthemic 'Live Forever', or the iconic 'Columbia' and 'Slide Away'.
The style is sheik minimalist, with high ceilings and retro leather furniture, while giant mirrors and pictures of Liam modelling his designs adorn the walls. As a treat for the opening day, Mani, of Stone Roses and Primal Scream fame, was DJ-ing and spinning out 1960-era classics from the likes of The Who.
Liam has always been a hit with football followers, both musically and culturally, epitomising the one-of-the-lads atmosphere that emerged in the mid-1990s and explaining a gathering of more than 100 shoppers/fans. It is not difficult to understand that his fashion-sense has also struck the right note with the aesthetically-minded on the terraces.
Attire varies from a 'green label', which is a'focused, casual range dedicated to providing quality, everyday signature pieces', to a 'black label' of 'classic British tailoring, using fine fabrics with an innovative attention to detail'. As a result, Pretty Green has already picked up the 2010 Menswear Brand of the Year at the prestigious Drapers Fashion Awards.
'Green label' caters for denim jeans and jackets to fur-trimmed parkas; crew-neck T-shirts to merino cardigans; silk scarves to desert boots. 'Black label' offers velvet peacoats to dogtooth trousers; paisley print collarless shirts to vintage pinstripe blazers; roll-necked knitwear to trenchcoats.
To make matters all the more appealing, prices are of a designer level, but they are not set at the extortionate value of some brands that only cater for those with a bank balance to match the millionaires in City's squad.
Whether Liam's dream of City signing Messi and winning the Premier League become a reality in 2011 remains to be seen, but it is not tough to imagine Pretty Green going from strength to strength.

Liam on the new store and John Lennon +2 other videos

Thursday, December 09, 2010

MANCHESTER - He may be the king of rock ’n’ roll swagger – but Liam Gallagher admitted to some opening-day nerves as he launched his first fashion boutique in Manchester.
The former Oasis frontman is hoping his Pretty Green fashion label will reign in King Street after taking over the former Joseph store at the top of the prestigious retail parade.
Liam, 38, told the M.E.N: “It always feels a bit weird coming back to your home town. There are always nerves about how you’ll be received but it’s looking good so far. If people are into it they’re into it, and if they’re not they’re not.
“It’s keeping me off the streets, you know what I mean? I just hope it continues to go on and keeps getting better.”
A queue of more than 100 shoppers and fans snaked along King Street as punters eagerly awaited their first look inside Liam’s store.
He chose the King Street location after scouting a number of retail spots in the city centre. His men’s fashion label was launched 18 months ago – initially through Selfridges.
Liam, who opened his first ‘pop-up’ boutique in London, was due to travel up to Glasgow to open a third store – but had to cancel because of the bad weather.
Asked why he had chosen King Street, he said: “I came here about three months ago and I thought King Street, that sounds good to me, man. The prices are a bit high though aren’t they?
“I just liked the building. It’s old, it looks good. I didn’t want to be in some greenhouse or something.”
Since launching his debut range Liam has found himself the toast of the fashion world – winning a prestigious Drapers Award for best menswear brand. His mod-influenced menswear – including Liam’s trademark parka – has also been worn by a host of celebrities.
Liam is soon to return to the ‘day job’, releasing an album with his new group Beady Eye in February with a tour to follow in March. The band formed after Liam’s well-publicised fall out with brother Noel in 2009 – which led to the ‘indefinite hiatus’ of Oasis.
Liam said: “I can’t wait to get back out there doing gigs, and doing what I do best.
“It’s rock ’n’ roll, man, singing, it’s what I love.”

Pretty Green in Manchester +video

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

MANCHESTER - Catherine May joins a load of Gallagher lookalikes for the launch of the King Street pop-up shop. Liam was there today, wearing his cowboy hat. The first Pretty Green pop-up store opened in August on Carnaby Street and on the back of its success, Liam Gallagher saw his home town of Manchester as the next logical opening. He said it is “an absolute privilege” to be opening here on a short term lease. The brand draws inspiration from the art scene of the 1960s and has recently won ‘Menswear brand of the year’ at the Drapers awards. Garments are of a high quality with the brand paying attention to detail, especially with their classic tailoring. Prices aren’t low, but you’re not just buying a piece of clothing - you’re investing in a slice of a rock star lifestyle, right? A trip to the shop is the equivalent of a pilgrimage for an Oasis fan. Gallagher’s face adorns the walls in the same emotionless pose each time. The shop is spacious with the white walls and huge mirrors adding to the modern look. There’s even space for DJ decks and live bands to entertain shoppers at special events. It’s likely that the brand will continue to expand.

81 King Street
M2 4AH

Liam to open 2 new Pretty Green stores on John Lennon anniversary + to sponsor mod exhibition

Friday, December 03, 2010

MANCHESTER - Following on from the huge success of the Carnaby Street store, Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green label is set to open two new pop-up stores consecutively in Manchester and Glasgow on Wednesday 8th December.
Pretty Green draws its inspiration from the art, music and culture scene of the 1960’s and is renowned for their attention to detail with an emphasis on quality fabrics, cut and classic tailoring. The menswear label recently won ‘Menswear brand of the year’ at this years prestigious Drapers awards.
After great demand from his hometown, Liam will open his first new store on the exclusive King Street, a haven for designer brands such as Diesel, Belstaff and Hermes.
Liam says: “Manchester is where I was born and to be opening a Pretty Green store there is an absolute privilege.”
Primal Scream’s bassist, Mani will take to the decks to launch the store from midday, for an exclusive sneak preview for Pretty Green members, before opening to the public.
Following the opening of his Manchester store, Liam will then fly up to Glasgow to open the second store of the day on Ingram Street, Scotland’s most upmarket designer fashion and lifestyle shopping street.
Liam has said of the store opening “Glasgow was always going to be the next store after Manchester”
Both new stores will house both the Black and Green Label collections and feature iconic imagery from Liam’s Brighton photo shoot photographed by Lawrence Watson. Detailed shots of the Autumn / Winter 2010 collection will be displayed throughout the store via canvasses and wallpaper in addition to their Pretty Green paisley print. The stores will be clean, contemporary, white spaces and feature classic wooden furniture alongside contemporary designs. Each will also contain an event space for live bands & DJ performances after the success of these at the London, Carnaby Street store.

READING - Ahead of Reading Festival tickets going on sale today (December 3rd), the event's organisers have been supporting a local museum exhibition.
Pretty Green, Liam Gallagher's Reading-based fashion brand and Festival Republic, have pledged their support to an exhibition at Reading Museum called Reading Steady Go; Life through the Eyes of a 1960s mod.
Both Pretty Green and Festival Republic are sponsoring the six-month exhibition, which looks at the mod scene in Reading from 1958 to 1966.
It will also explore how the mod cultural trend continues to impact modern fashion and music.
Melvin Benn, managing director of Festival Republic, said: "It has been my absolute privilege to work on Reading Festival since 1989 and see it grow into the greatest music show on the planet.
"We couldn't have achieved this without the support of the local community and in particular Reading Borough Council."

in-store deejay photos

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

LONDON - Some pics, also the Drapers award.
A huge crowd attended (with a few familiar faces) to make the in-store event
a great warm-up to our first club night.

Liam on Vogue UK, Pretty Green TCB taking care of business

LONDON - The arrival of Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green store on Carnaby Street has been very good for business in the neighbourhood - and, after a successful six months of trading, will be extending its stay on the iconic street with a longer lease.
According to The Times, the ex-Oasis frontman's shop is one of a number of retailers that have helped Shaftesbury, the West End property company, achieve pre-tax profits of £22.3 million.
The company, which owns over 500 properties across Carnaby Street, Covent Garden and Charlotte Street, has announced a raise in its income by 5.7 per cent to £57.6 million in the 12 months to September 30 2010.

Pretty Green features on the cover of Drapers Magazine

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LONDON - Liam Gallagher gave a brilliant interview as this months cover-star of Drapers magazine, discussing Pretty Green landing the 'Menswear Brand of the Year' at last weeks Drapers Fashion Awards 2010.
The rock star’s brand has swaggered into the menswear market, but the ex Oasis singer is sure it won’t be a one-hit wonder.
"I don't do offices mate, I'm not Ricky Gervais" says Liam, instantly brushing aside claims by his collegues that he spends about a day a week in the HQ of Pretty Green, the menswear label he founded 18 months ago.

Andy Bell's set from the Pretty Green club night +tracklist

Saturday, November 27, 2010

LONDON - Last night Pretty Green held its first-ever dedicated club night at the Garage in Islington, London. Beady Eye's Andy Bell was one of the DJs performing at the event.
Andy's very kindly let us grab his set from him and you can listen to it below. He managed to cram in some great tunes from the likes of Kid Koala and DJ Dangermouse as well classics from The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones!
Fans with keen ears will also be able to pick out Beady Eye's cover of 'Sons Of The Stage' - the World Of Twist track we used to tease you with recently! - as well as triumphant set closer, 'Bring The Light'.
Check it out clicking here (62 minutes)

here are the tracks:
Link Wray 'Batman Theme'
The Specials 'Do The Dog'
The Who 'Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere'
The Velvet Underground 'White Light/ White Heat'
Tame Impala 'Desire Be, Desire Go'
The Rolling Stones 'Citadel'
The Beatles 'Tomorrow Never Knows'
Beady Eye 'Sons Of The Stage'
The Creation 'Making Time'
The Spencer Davis Group 'I'm A Man'
The La's 'Feelin''
Kid Koala 'Slew Test 2'
DJ Dangermouse '99 Problems'
The Beatles 'Helter Skelter'
Beastie Boys 'Jimmy James'
Jimi Hendrix 'Spanish Castle Magic'
The Rolling Stones 'Brown Sugar'
Primal Scream 'Rocks'
Led Zeppelin 'Rock And Roll'
The Who 'My Generation'
Beady Eye 'Bring The Light'

Pretty Green night photos

LONDON - Some pics from last night

20th Anniversary Drapers Awards: Pretty Green crowned Brand of the Year!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LONDON, 17 November 2010 - Pretty Green brand of the year.
9 June 2009 my birthday, Pretty Green official launch.
11 March 2009, Milan, Pretty Green beginning.

England and Italy didn't play so well tonight, but they were friendly games and as we say: unlucky at games, lucky in love :)
Liam Gallagher (not watching tv tonight :) and Nicole Appleton made a rare red carpet appearance together at the Draper Awards.
The elite of the retail fashion industry were in attendance at the Drapers Awards this evening, celebrating its 20th anniversary at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. Excitingly Pretty Green were crowned 'Menswear Brand of the Year'. 
Liam Gallagher received the award personally and commented: "Myself, Nick (Holland) and the team are absolutely buzzing that Pretty Green has won a Drapers Award; which is a massive achievement for such a young brand".
Pretty Green were delighted to be chosen ahead of big names such as Paul Smith, Boss Orange, Polo Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hilfiger. Richard Ralph, CEO at Pretty Green commented: "Pretty Green is dedicated to producing high quality pieces which focus on British-centric style and design". Richard added: "Being nominated for the Drapers Awards highlights that Pretty Green is an established player in the menswear market and is on the same level as highly respected brands".
Speaking about the achievement, Liam Gallagher commented: "A year ago I set up Pretty Green to make the kind of clothes that I wanted to wear and being recognised by Drapers today shows how far we've come. Keep the faith, beware of darkness".
Everyone here at Pretty Green would like to thank all of our customers for your continued support!

best day of my life: Liam gave me as gift the Man City blue cashmere pullover

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MILAN - Liam gave me as gift a 500£ Man City light blue cashmere pullover yessssssssss (best day of my life, lol!). As Oasis said in "It's good to be free": the little (?) things they make me so happy. All I wanna do is wear a pullover in the colour of the sea, lol.
Well ok maybe not 500 but 300, but it's limited edition and not available anymore, so that's the value, also because it's a gift from him.
Now I can use the Pretty Green case as a pillowslip :)

Strange coincidence, today I was writing on my Milan web: "Leonardo Da Vinci arrived in Milan just as everyone does, in search of fame and fortune" (and beside there's Liam in Milan for the beginning of Pretty Green) "...bearing a gift for the Duke of Milan". That's me! :))

Manchester City blue cashmere pullover. A luxurious heavy gauge 100% cashmere crew neck, woven in Man City blue as a tribute to Oasis beloved home town football team

that Oasis eye predicted Beady Eye :)

Led Zeppelin, Kashmir :)
...my Shangri-La beneath the summer moon...

Newcastle man chosen to be face of Liam Gallagher clothing line

Monday, October 11, 2010

NEWCASTLE - Sharp dresser Ed Smith has been chosen as the face of Liam Gallagher’s new clothing line.
Ed, from Newcastle, has been posing with the ex-Oasis frontman for adverts for his fashion label, Pretty Green.
Ed, who lives in Jesmond, was hand-picked by the rocker from hundreds of entries to a competition run through social network Facebook.
“I’m still buzzing from being picked by Liam as the new face of Pretty Green,” said 20-year-old Ed, who works in designer retail in Newcastle. “I’m a huge fan of his and I adore Carnaby Street style so this really is a dream come true.”
Liam was bowled over by his unique and impeccable Beatle-esque look – and the pair even bonded over a love of John Lennon. “Ed has a really unique style and as soon as I saw his pictures I knew that I wanted him to front the campaign,” said the Manchester-born singer.
“He’s perfect for Pretty Green as he embodies 1960s style in a really fresh and modern way.”
Ed found out he had scooped the prize when he received a phone call from Pretty Green on his way to work and was invited to spend a couple of days in London shooting the campaign.
He and his girlfriend Jennie spent time hanging out with Liam both on and off set. “Getting to go on the first photo shoot with Liam was an experience that I won’t forget in a hurry,” added Ed.
“He made me feel at ease straight away. I can’t wait for the next photo shoot.”

Pretty Green-Hollywood Milano club night?

Saturday, October 09, 2010

MILAN - So, after the djing days inside the shop, Pretty Green is gonna have its first club night event in London. Probably more to follow in the near future. Of course many people around the world would like to go, but many can't, 'cause they're far away. I'm trying to put the basis for one in Milan, but it might depend on many people deciding, and taking some time. I remember Liam saying more than one time that after London he would have done a Pretty Green party in Milan (before all, Pretty Green began in Milan, 11 March 2009). Of course he's the boss and he decides. He's already been in Milan so many times, and also at Hollywood, the main club here (new events soon, here are some from last year).
Also, waiting for a Pretty Green shop here someday, he would be delighted to have one in the first city of fashion.

Pretty Green Steve McQueen :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Recently we're dealing with cars only :)
GP jacket, available also in white. Introducing the Green Label Autumn Winter 2010 collection. Very Formula 1 Grand Prix :), and it seems inspired by Steve McQueen, in fact Liam said he loves him. 
The colour palette is a combination of earthy darks and warm bright's. The fabrics are sumptuous and luxurious made from fibres; merino wool, lambs wool and high quality cottons. Key pieces for this season include the long awaited GP Jacket, the Hooded Parka (see a previous post) and the outstanding tailored denim range.
I was writing about Jaguar, he also had a Jaguar D-Type XKSS. 

advert with him "driving" a Ford Puma, I drove this car on Monza circuit

McQueen & McLaren's :) Lewis Hamilton

Bullitt trailer (featuring the English actress Jacqueline Bisset)

famous car chase (see at 6:35 the sign "Mansell" :)

other photos @ London Pretty Green store

Monday, August 16, 2010


class Liam meeting the Princess of Denmark: our Royalty is ugly, lol

Thursday, August 12, 2010

COPENHAGEN - He’s a former member of one of England’s most successful rockbands who is famous for his foul mouthed rants, she’s an Australian born Princess who spends most of her time at Royal engagements beside her husband, Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik.
But Liam Gallagher and Crown Princess Mary looked to be getting on famously as they were introduced at The Copenhagen International Fashion Fair in Copenhagen.
Gallagher, who was promoting his clothing line Pretty Green, seemed slightly intimidated by the brunette and looked deep in concentration as he shook her hand and attempted to bow during the fashion event at the Bella Center and Gallery Forum in Copenhagen.
The 37-year-old has branched out into clothing after quitting Oasis last year.
He formed new band Beady Eye after Oasis finally called it a day following years of acrimony between the front man and his brother Noel.
Meanwhile Princess Mary recently announced that she is pregnant with twins.
In an official statement, the Danish royal court revealed that '’their royal highnesses the Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are happy to announce that the Crown Princess is expecting twins'.
The couple already have two children, Prince Christian, 4, and Princess Isabella, 3.
The twins are due in January. Princess Mary is expected to give birth at Rigshospitalet - the national hospital - in Copenhagen.

50% off ahaha imagine if he told that to the Princess :D
...but also Liam's got a big nose ^_^
again, "aspice nasum, si vis cognoscere membrum" ^_^ (look at the nose, if you want to know the penis :)))))
so that means the Queen's got a big penis aaaaahahaha
This month Liam and the team flew out to the infamous Copenhagen fashion fair trade show. The show has grown with extremity over the decades and is bigger than ever in all aspects: visitors, space and collections.

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